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Become a Patron of Real Imaginal!

Real Imaginal is a new online astrology magazine uniting imagination with Earth, particularly focusing on the exploration of the planetary archetype of Neptune.

And Patreon is a microfunding platform which allows you to support this offering by pledging a monthly contribution amount. I am requesting just $1 per month. No amount is too small or too large, and you are always free to modify your level of support at any time.

Patreon differs from crowdfunding you may be familiar with, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, in that it provides continuous support of small contributions which sustain a creators’ work. If you feel moved to rather make a one-time donation, you may also do so here.

Why become a patron of Real Imaginal?

Neptune corresponds to the imagination and imagination is at the heart of the living cosmos.

Real Imaginal explores the possibility of making the imaginal realms real, by way of a mythopoetic orientation to the human belonging to this awesome and baffling planet. By mythopoetic, I mean discovering and enacting the larger cosmic patterns of nature, stepping outside of narrowly defined cultural stories about ourselves and our world. Such explorations offer creative renewal for the individual as well as human culture.

Real Imaginal offers both practical means of engaging imagination and its wellspring of life, and more theoretical musings on constructive engagement with (and surrender to) Neptune as well as other planetary archetypes.

With your support, I will be able to produce original articles on a timely schedule, focusing on generative engagement with the archetypal dynamics inherent in our cosmos. You will be able to enjoy regular columns like DreamWork (the power of dreams to engage the imaginal), Le Neptiste (interviews with artists), Ode to Saturn (spiritual realization has nothing to do with escaping!), Out of Orbit (topics not directly related to Neptune) and more!

I am also excited about creating regular, special videos for my patrons, which address current transits, various astrological topics and questions posed by you!  Other rewards at various levels include a monthly Google Hangout (video chatroom), assigning me a topic to write about, and periodically receiving a personalized 10 to 20-page astrological forecast highlighting important transits of the next six months. Please visit my Patreon page to learn more and to become a patron:

patreon_logo_for_RI-smReal Imaginal on Patreon


I’m grateful for the chance to offer you this magazine, as well as some resources for your astrological and spiritual path through life.

Let us journey together into the reality of the imaginal which beckons us all to join in the dream of the Earth. Thank you for your support!

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Writer, astrologer and integral ecologist who currently resides on Vashon Island in Washington state

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