Imagiscopes are based on sun sign astrology, popularly known as “the horoscope” for each sign that is found in many daily, weekly and monthly publications.  Like the horoscope, the imagiscope is based on the astrological transits for the week ahead, customized for each Sun sign. Find your Sun sign below to read your image for the coming week!

Imagiscopes are offered as a window into the living imagination, the imaginal realm which gives birth to all form and structure. Rather than offering a literal interpretation or story about the dynamics you may experience during the week, imagiscopes offer an invitation into an experience of those dynamics. Perhaps they will spark a memory, a feeling, or a more intuitive recognition of the planetary powers at play in your life this week. It may be helpful to not try to “figure it out,” but rather to sit with the mood it evokes and see what imagery or fantasy of your own might emerge in response.

To accurately determine your Sun sign, visit or a similar site which will allow you to cast your own natal chart. You will need the date, place and time of your birth. Those who are born from the 19th – 22nd of a given month may be one of two different signs. If you are casting your chart, also check out your rising sign if you don’t already know it. Images apply to both your Sun sign and the rising sign (Ascendant) of your natal chart, but note that the rising sign is only accurate if you have your correct time of birth.

Your Sun Sign Imagiscope for the Week of June 6 – June 12, 2016

Aries & Aries Rising

Wielding 400 pounds per square inch
on wings
diving for you
head on
with the determination
of one who has
come back from near

Taurus & Taurus Rising

An unremarkable length of wood
must submit to the wounded hand
who carves, files, sands
and shapes out sibling
supple forms,
to people
a whole, diverse village

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Sandy strand in which to sink toes
deep into sand ground out of
granite, mica and quartz
This beach took millions of years to form!
And the slow seep of nearby tide
whispers of millions of years more

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Red glow
like a deep blushing peach
permeates the pulsing cavern
inside which
awakens a cradling warmth
soft loft of all eternity

Leo & Leo Rising

Arrowing to the heart of dispute
honed razor edges tilt into fine pyramidal
point, radiant hot and burning to know
when it will be launched or let go

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Muscular waves of tentacle
create a candelabra in the air
weaving like a dervish
a sacred net of care


Libra & Libra Rising

A tickle of words
traces the outline of your days
tangling in your hair
and prickling your back
while you ignore the facts
surrounding intuition’s haze

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Paper thin opening
and opening again
fragile scales iridescent
on transparent wings
a tender tear in the fabric
of morning, births the hidden
unwanted lies

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Calling all blacksmiths!
Gather round the bellows
Let us craft a half oval nimble
that it not fetter the hoof
found upon a wild body
Let it flow into the earth
as if a naked hoof unshod

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

A tight weave of wicker, reliable
resting on wooden frame, pliable
stability relying on the spaces
between the solid
as much as the firm and time-tested

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

An open cone to catch the rain
A vee to point the way
Two arms held aloft, raised
overhead, gesture towards
the unforeseen, to welcome what’s ahead

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Warmth radiates from outside in
permeating calm, gentle reckoning
mineral and salt, oceanic infusion
into life’s rearrangement of connection and confusion


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