Imagiscopes are based on sun sign astrology, popularly known as “the horoscope” for each sign that is found in many daily, weekly and monthly publications.  Like the horoscope, the imagiscope is based on the astrological transits for the week ahead, customized for each Sun sign. Find your Sun sign below to read your image for the coming week!

Imagiscopes are offered as a window into the living imagination, the imaginal realm which gives birth to all form and structure. It is an attempt to invite your thinking mind to relax, and your imagination to step forward and play. It may be helpful to not try to “figure it out,” but rather to sit with the mood imagiscopes evoke and see what imagery or fantasy of your own might emerge in response. Perhaps they will spark a memory, a feeling, or a more intuitive recognition of the planetary powers at play in your life this week.

To accurately determine your Sun sign, visit or a similar site which will allow you to cast your own natal chart. You will need the date, place and time of your birth. Those who are born from the 19th – 22nd of a given month may be one of two different signs. If you are casting your chart, also check out your rising sign if you don’t already know it. Images apply to both your Sun sign and the rising sign (Ascendant) of your natal chart, but note that the rising sign is only accurate if you have your correct time of birth.

Your Sun Sign Imagiscope for the Week of July 18 – July 24, 2016

Aries & Aries Rising

Trickle by dribble
granular time coaxed
through the exquisite
curve and line of gravity’s rhyme
sending puffs up from the bottom
of the clear glass vessel

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Hollow seedpod resounding when struck
making that mahogany sound
tickling the thymus
turning you round
soft and firm,
hard as keratin
its quickening pattern
thickens and thickens

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Cold slushing sound
starting like a clap but
ending in a long rattle
like a small animal
crashing through reeds
Is it the sound of ocean wave breaking
or just a seashell
held to your ear and starting to breathe?

Cancer & Cancer Rising

It went skittering on tiny legs—
chased by the wave coming ashore
pausing for no moment more
skittering it goes back again, brave, tilting
at the wild, wide ocean
claiming its space, fully filling its niche

Leo & Leo Rising

A low thump
announces a grouse on the prowl
bright orange sac inflated
inviting all the lovers to
prance with his tail fanned
and head erect, alert
for evidence of his worthiness

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Sifted by sound
fine white powder
gathers in patterns
kaleidoscopic and mandalic
pointing the way to the center
by following each in-breath
with out-breath
on a steady tread


Libra & Libra Rising

Let yourself be drawn in
by the whirlpool of desire
spiraling downward with a great sucking sound
the suction of yearning
gripping the body

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Through billowing smoke
a pair of eyes pierce
the veil
seeing through the joke
you thought had you
(for a second there)
burning up with truth
that sets hair on end

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The river is water
chasing gravity to the bottom
of its reach
The river is rock carved to sand
and algae sprouting in response to
repetitive caress
spawning fish, frog and newt
River becomes cradle
for effortless pursuit

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Node to node
worked into net
by the great ocean
which sieves connections
from the vast reservoir of sentience
taken to form

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Smooth, green and inviting
the plump succulent flourishes in desert
by never missing the chance to
drink up when it can
Slick juice that takes years
to accumulate will lubricate
a plant when the time is
right for releasing

Pisces & Pisces Rising

An artesian well
a precious gift indeed
Pressure ready made
by nature
to push the precious elixir of life
from earth
the spout counting not more than the flow
both are required
for life to grow


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2 thoughts on “Imagiscopes: Week of July 18, 2016

  1. Erica, how can I express my love for you and your work? I am still musing on ways to do it. For now, I can only say your Imagiscopes are the most numinously charged gifts I can possibly expect to receive every week. So powerful, they are indeed felt as divine omens. I am always flabbergasted by the archetypal accuracy of the neptunian wisdom you channel into my saturnian predicament, producing the holy grail of balance and hope. May your gifts continue to multiply and return to you!

    • Dear Marcelo, Thank you so much for your appreciation and letting me know that these small gifts of gratitude to the world are so received. Your words fill my heart to overflowing! May imagiscopes continue to serve and be of benefit to you and in turn, be of benefit to all beings, everywhere.

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