Imagiscopes are based on sun sign astrology, popularly known as “the horoscope” for each sign that can be found in many periodicals.  Like the horoscope, the imagiscope is based on the astrological transits for the week ahead, customized for each Sun sign. Find your Sun sign below to read your image for the coming week!

Imagiscopes are offered as a window into the living imagination, that realm which gives birth to all form and structure. It is an invitation for your thinking mind to relax and let your imagination out to play! It may be helpful to not try to “figure it out,” but rather to be with the mood imagiscopes evoke and see what imagery or fantasy of your own might emerge from it. Perhaps they will spark a memory, a feeling, or a more intuitive recognition of the planetary powers at play in your life this week.

To accurately determine your Sun sign, visit or a similar site which will allow you to cast your own natal chart. You will need the date, place and time of your birth. Those who are born from the 19th – 22nd of a given month may be one of two different signs. If you are casting your chart, also check out your rising sign if you don’t already know it. Images apply to both your Sun sign and the rising sign (Ascendant) of your natal chart, but note that the rising sign is only accurate if you have your correct time of birth.

Your Sun Sign Imagiscope for the Week of January 2 – January 8, 2017

Aries & Aries Rising

Leaning hard, your hands grip
the tip of a gauzy tissue
you’ve managed to yank
into the shape of a cone
and it’s stuck
but you try your luck
with enlisting gravity’s help
swinging like a pendulum
suspended by hardened desire

Literally Speaking… Look into your inner Money Martyr. What are you sacrificing in the name of money? Where do you sacrifice your relationship to money to serve ideals which aren’t actually serving you?

Taurus & Taurus Rising

A long coil of desire
unwinds your body
floating to rest on
your pelvic floor
whose arms relax
around your hips
letting go
letting go
letting flow

Literally Speaking… Make way for emotional and relational considerations to seep into your planning for the year ahead. Awareness will be your ally in making better choices around how you can attend to authentic emotional needs, and seeking out or strengthening supportive relationships.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

“It’s impossible to do a backstroke in that sand!”
“What? Should I use the breaststroke?”
Lily eyed the oily grains of the strand
writhing into the distance before her.
“I think you’re wrong,” she said, pushing her hair
out of her eyes and refusing to look at the naysayer.
Gathering all her wits about her,
the beach spread like a warm blanket stretched
across her back, firm yet yielding beneath her weight.

Literally Speaking… Conflicts with those subordinate to you or those in authority over you may come to a turning point this week. Hopefully you will have some time for the results to distill until next week, when clarity on a way forward may be greater.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Flex, extend, flatten
an ankle wrapped in pink
fleetly en pointe
conducts nimble feet
smitten with the slats
formerly growing in a forest
now clattering underfoot
making support for the dancer
to finally find her wings

Literally Speaking… You may be visited by reconnections to old friends and colleagues or schoolmates, perhaps stimulating your love of truth and pursuit of wisdom.

Leo & Leo Rising

The line was drawn taut
until you plucked it
then it sagged and gave
little resistance
just dangling between two points
though under your watchful eye
it drew up tight again

Literally Speaking… Cravings for fame and renown may surface this week, either overtly in desire for recognition, or covertly in rejection of any such desire.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Ceramic thumbprints
cool in their waves and whorls
blazed a trail through the kitchen
gripping cabinet pulls and
overfull drawers
hesitant to close

Literally Speaking… “Sweet and sour” may characterize your one-on-one encounters with people, as you struggle to make headway on the home front.



Libra & Libra Rising

It was easy to be taken in
by that easy smile
gentle, brown and sweet
to be deceived of the deceit
hiding not very far underneath
the love itself betrayed
by the steadfast loyalty of abandonment

Literally Speaking… You may find yourself reflecting on whether you are worthy enough for your work in the world. Whether you suffer from grandiosity or low self-esteem, there is potential to adopt a more realistic stance.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Curves cupped the hillsides
in her hands
molding limbs into serpentine shapes
hairpins to hold the braids in place
slipping gracefully towards the end
of a bottomless mystery

Literally Speaking…Your habitual mind may run away with you this week, making clear communication challenging. Though feedback may be hard to receive, thoughtfully considering it could help you take steps towards a real change for the better.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Not many hollows could approximate the ache
of emptiness
exquisite in its rounds
of bellowing rage
true to sound
the depths of grief and longing
circumscribing lost days

Literally Speaking… Any tension between your desire to express your true self through your work and your obligations to provide yourself with material sufficiency is likely to be highlighted this week. Exploring this tension by creative and/or intuitive means could shed light on a way forward.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Flurries of speech filter
through the canopy of trees
whose leaves turn wind to word
grosbeak held in thrall to branches
that aid evasion of fox and mink
who move stealth in the night
hiding in the innocent
chatter of leaves
hiding until daylight

Literally Speaking…This week is supportive in looking into the ways that vanity informs your habitual narratives about the world and your place in it. It’s useful to be open to any reflections from others which may help you notice what is otherwise hidden by sheer habit.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

It felt strange, a visitation
from someone else’s
diaphragm pulsing out
puffs of air in short bursts
as if a dragon hyperventilating
smoke billowed about

Literally Speaking…Wandering into bar rooms or yoga studios alike may bring you into contact with some earthy wisdom which unexpectedly sheds light on one of your most pressing dilemmas.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

He felt so tiny
in the mouth of
the cave
which yawned suspicious air
out of the depths of earth
encouraging him to step forward
and find his true size

Literally Speaking… Your professional trajectory might receive an update in the coming week. Put out the welcome mat for the things that make you feel good (even if they require you to stretch, or bring a edge of discomfort that comes with growth) and take a pass on the abusive situations you used to put up with.


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