This week’s astrological forecast is written for the plant-wise Anima Mundi Apothecary newsletter!

Once a month, the week’s astrological forecast will go out in Anima Mundi’s newsletter along with their herbal tips, DIY preparations and information.  In the meantime, be sure to check out all that Anima Mundi Apothecary has concocted in conspiracy with the plants’ desire to heal us!

Wishing everyone a blessed Summer or Winter Solstice, and whether the light be increasing or decreasing in your part of the world, may your heart be energized by its generous, life-giving luminosity!

Click here for a look at the astrology of the week of December 18 – December 25, 2017


2 thoughts on “Saturn enters Capricorn: Astrology of Dec. 18 – Dec. 25, 2017

  1. Hi Erica ~~~~~ you know that I really do miss you ~~~~~ that last night when you entered as through on cue in your amazing dress gliding in like an Astral Goddess with a message to deliver ~~~~ That was our last Astrology element ~~~~~ we were hoping that David Nicol would be here this year but he’s down in Australia for a Summer Christmas with his family ~~~~ I have this romantic vision of you living in a cabin at the far end of a lake ~~~~ yah~?

    ~ Thinking about you during these Holi-daze right now ~~~ so many people going hay-wire in turmoil with premature check out’s ~~~ psychological havoc and all the rest that I’ve been dealing with here at spirit house and in community ~~~~~~~~~ I’ve gotten a LOT more interested in Astrology ~~ little by little but it’s coming… I’m feeling more tuned in and aware of the wisdom…

    Love On with all you are ~~~~Ron >

    • Dear Ron,

      Thank you for your message! I was just thinking of you and the Spirit House community. How lovely that you have connected with David Nicol, who is also from the CIIS/PCC community ~ perhaps Joy put you in touch? In any case, it is good to hear that at some point an astrological perspective may again become a part of the beautiful seasonal ceremony at Spirit House–maybe even an astrological offering from yourself at some point! I do miss the stillness of Anderson Valley and the deserted Mendocino coast and especially miss my recommended monthly drumming allowance. 🙂 Though now I am leading a twice monthly “soulful community circle” in Seattle in which we use various means to traverse the different realms, including drumming sometimes.

      I have left the cabin on the lake – it was romantic indeed, a perfect hermitage – and now live on an island in the heart of the Salish Sea. I am just off the coast of West Seattle. No bridges, just ferries to connect us to the outside world. I do love it. It is also quiet, still, and has a quirky community.

      I’m sorry to hear all the pressure and distress so many are under on the Coast. {{{Hugs}}} The fires this past year have been truly something. Great movements are stirring in the depths of the anima mundi and pushing us all to expand our hearts. Sometimes that feels like it’s only heartbreak and…it’s so much to bear. May you all receive the support you need.

      I may be coming through your area next year and if so, I will be in touch!

      with a hug,

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