This week may find us broody, moody or absorbed in processes which want to penetrate our defenses and give us an opportunity to release ourselves from old stories, old wounds, old ways of maintaining a too-superficial peace. The Sun, Venus and Pluto are in an exact triple conjunction at 19° Capricorn on Jan. 9, and will color the landscape through at least Jan. 13. (See Venus-Pluto: Love’s transformation for an exploration of some of its archetypal potentials.) Since this triple connection coincides with Mercury’s entry into Capricorn on Jan. 10, after Mercury’s incredibly long two-month trip retrograding through Sagittarius—usually only a three-week affair—we might turn this tendency to transform towards tending the seeds of our destiny.

Perhaps you partook in a ritual to harness the reflective potential contained in the Dec. 17 New Moon in Sagittarius (detailed suggestions provided here). Or perhaps you spent some time during the Mercury retrograde (Nov. 14 – Jan. 10) pondering the last couple of years of your life and where your aspirations have carried you—or led you astray. Taking time for reflection to glean the lessons of the last couple of years is a fantastic way to set yourself up for greater success during Saturn’s sojourn through Capricorn. And in light of what you may have gleaned about the last few years, the ingress of Mercury into Capricorn (Jan. 10) could correlate to receiving clarifying information about a new way forward in your relational sphere, specifically in terms of intimate or romantic relations, your economic arrangements, and the way in which you give and receive support. An enhanced capacity to strategize, trim away unrealistic idealism, and even concrete steps may become more clear to you. Decisive action is also supported, as the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio makes a supportive, encouraging sextile to the Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction.

This entry of Mercury into Capricorn has a particular potency, since Saturn and Mercury have not been in Capricorn together since Feb. 1991, 27 years ago. Throughout the month, pay attention to communications which come your way, as they may have much to do with impending adjustments in your life structures, plans and foundations for new growth contained in Saturn’s three-year transit of Capricorn.

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Although it may be more difficult to achieve, some of us may also be in a good position to re-orient to some of our core wounding through this week’s influences. A core wound is one around which our identity forms, and it is likely that an encounter with another person will provide an opportunity to find a different way to negotiate a difficulty. Venus and then the Sun will square Uranus on Jan. 13 and Jan. 14, suggesting a break with a way of relating (or a relationship) which is too small for who you have become—or who you are now demanded to be. Since Venus and the Sun will sextile Chiron at the same time, it may be that your past aches and pains, emotional or otherwise, support your movement towards a more genuine way of being in the world. It will be important to notice if you are hooked into an excessively critical perspective, because the Mercury-Saturn conjunction (exact on Jan. 12) can bring a welcome objectivity, a means of stepping back to assess what is happening. Not what should be happening, but what is happening. The “should” could be just a tired old repetition of a limiting story and a way of remaining stuck in one’s wounding.

Whatever is brewing within you or in your relational sphere this week, five planets in Capricorn are supporting you to move into your greatest integrity, with courage and a depth of vision that can guide you through the upheaval (good and bad!) of this next phase of your life. Some of us may be dealing with smaller scale issues, but others may be receiving an opportunity to clear a space for sorely needed new growth. Growth that will nourish and be nourished by our heart of hearts, and emerge out of the untarnished truth of our Souls.


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