Our lady of Venus in Aquarius gets one more affirmation of freedom, independence and originality as she makes a sextile to Uranus on Tuesday, Feb. 6. While this can bring an extra twinkle to the eye and favors dancing in which you allow your body to spontaneously move you, the Moon’s journey through Scorpio from Tuesday through Thursday, Feb. 8 hints at deeper currents coursing through the emotional realm. Your body may have some interesting moves to make as things which are drawing to a close intensify, and new horizons beckon. Towards the middle of the week our desire to gamble may peak and draw us into staking bold claims, as the Aquarian Sun makes a square aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio on Saturday, Feb. 10. Use Aquarian objectivity of the Sun to your advantage and consider various perspectives and options carefully. The exploration of pleasure could shed light on your dilemma, though not simply pleasure for pleasure’s sake nor pleasure as a panacea, for some pain will often accompany growth. Pleasure in service of healing is more indicated, and again, can sometimes be accompanied or preceded by difficulty, loss or adjustment.

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Sun squaring Jupiter warns us to beware of excess—perhaps an excessive sense of self-importance which can bring so much unnecessary pain. Placing oneself (particularly one’s wounds) at the absolute center of every narrative constructs a fragile reality that requires so much management. It’s exhausting to maintain that perspective, either for you or for everyone around you or both!

Venus enters Pisces on Saturday, Feb. 10 for her nearly month-long stay in the sign of spiritual aspiration, dreamy reverie and imagination. This can bring both a heart-opening and a heart-rending, as sensitive sentiments and feelings well up to the surface. The Moon enters Capricorn at nearly the same time and recommends not so much emotional detachment as an examination of sentiments, values, and their structures, which can help make sense of the waves of feelings. If it’s a time for release in your life, let the tears flow as they will for they will wash the heart and bring healing. Find compassionate, nonjudgmental friends to listen and offer their support and comfort (but be wary of those who may be drawn to “fix” you or think that they can “heal” you). If it’s a time for dedication to loving compassion, seek out practices that support heart opening. Venus in Pisces evokes something like the lovingkindness meditation of Buddhism, a mantra of “May all beings know love. May all beings know happiness. May all beings know kindness. May all beings know joy.” Don’t forget, however, that you are one of those “all beings!” Martyrdom and poor boundaries can also be a feature of Venus in Pisces, and finding your center in relationship could be part of the journey with the Venusian elements of your life.


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