This last week of February 2018 brings a little fiery kick to an otherwise emotional or even weepy Piscean mood, as Mercury squares Mars and sextiles Pluto (exact Feb. 28), resulting in plans and communications appearing to work at cross purposes. For example, one person’s romantic dreams may be upset by another’s adventuresome spirit, and it may be difficult to bridge the two differing impulses. The different parties involved may be very clear about what they each are doing—but it will be a tricky matter trying to align those various plans!

The high emotional tide of the Full Moon in Virgo, which is exact at 4:51pm US/Pacific on March 1, is unlikely to bring calm or clarity to any such conflicts concerning direction, plans of action or the like. Virgo is very particular about its likes and dislikes, and with Neptune in a close conjunction with the Pisces Sun, sorting through disillusionment or unattainable ideals or dreams could be a theme for many under this Full Moon. Uranus makes an exact semisquare (45° angle) to the Sun, and an exact sesquisquare (135° angle) to the Moon, bringing in an erratic or unexpected quality. Uranus is often upsetting as a herald of the trickster, who delights in upending our expectations. Can you adjust? What—realistically—will that adjustment entail?

Virgo Full Moon 2018

On another level, the Virgo Full Moon of March 1, 2018 could offer up spiritual breakthrough, freeing your voice or your mind from old habits of expression. The devil will be in the details of Virgo’s discerning ways, and getting beyond cheap and feel-good dualities—such as unreflective notions of right or wrong, good or bad, pleasurable or painful—will be necessary to fully reap the harvest. Not everything worth having comes easily, but neither is pain and suffering a good indicator of the worthiness of one’s cause, ideals or pursuits. The nature of the full moon is to bring one’s emotional and inherited or instinctual self into greater contact with the conscious sense of a separate self, that part of us which says, “I am.” Neptune’s influence on this particular full moon demands self-reflection, and with such a tool, we have a chance to pierce a veil of unconsciousness. Under a full moon, it is rather common to experience the instinctual self (Moon) engulfing or overwhelming the “I am” (Sun), but it’s worth harnessing an intention to play an active role in coming to consciousness, however bumpy the ride may be.

For those who believe in reincarnation, this lunation could offer a great deal of healing in terms of releasing attachment to suffering which continues to echo through your lifetimes. A heightened experience of that suffering may well be the catalyst for release, as those patterns make themselves more clear by ceasing to operate in the background, hidden and undetectable.

On March 4, Mercury, Venus and Chiron form a triple conjunction at the end of Pisces, the last conjunction of those three planets in the sign of Pisces since Chiron entered the sign of the fishes back in April 2010. Chiron leaves Pisces and heads into pioneering Aries on April 17, and this loving send off from Venus and Mercury can offer some insight into how you have evolved your relationship to the fact of being a sensitive, vulnerable creature. The human being is innately vulnerable, from the time of birth into utter helplessness and dependency that lasts many years of early life, to the adult recognition of the relational nature of our existence…the fact of relationship means there will be wounds, hurts and wrongs which happen.

Chiron’s eight years in Pisces has provided a portal of insight into those very tender areas of our relationship to the divine—a relationship which is reflected in our relationship to the entire Earth Community, with its interdependence and demands for our presence as embodied Soul. The triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Chiron this Sunday would be well honored by journaling—particularly in poetic, metaphorical or beautiful language—concerning the last eight years’ evolution or transformation around the theme of vulnerability, dependence and interdependence, and the profound emotional pain or wounding we can encounter in the process of trying to access and offer our greatest gifts. Celebrate the successes and honor the rough-going parts or setbacks of this time—Chiron asks us to take in the whole picture, for the setbacks can become our greater teachers. Experiment with turning off the inner critic and allowing the poet of you step forward, because we each contain a poetic mode. You may be surprised by the voice or voices which announce themselves, adding a recognition of your resilience and your fragility to the harvest of the Virgo Full Moon.


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