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We kick off this week with an incredibly watery, Neptunian sky promising a hazy picture of reality and its possible contents. While Mercury’s superior conjunction to the Sun at 15° Gemini (exact June 5) could ordinarily signify clarity, both the Sun and Mercury are making a square to Neptune in Pisces (exact June 6), which could indicate quite a bit of confusion, miscommunication or misunderstanding. The potential for outright deception is there as well, though it is worth taking a moment to wonder if such deceptions are the product of your own desires or biases. Mercury is at home in Gemini and is less concerned with “truth” than with “information” while in its home sign, so take care to locate your interpretations in a proper context. (Pro tip: Reach out to people and give them a chance to show up as real people, rather than reducing them to bit players in your own self-centered storylines.)

Neptune at its best is the quest for ultimate, spiritual or transcendent truth but it is a cosmic force which absolutely begs for our self-reflection. Leaping to conclusions may prove particularly hurtful as they reveal some of your own inner conflicts or dualities, and with Venus opposing Pluto (exact June 5) we might well expect some double standards to be exposed and/or enforced.

The Moon’s square to the Sun in its Last Quarter phase (exact June 6) also highlights exposure of where you may be of two minds about something or someone. You may even encounter a strong contradiction within you—such as the beliefs “I’m just a casual drinker” versus “I have a problem with alcohol.” But don’t expect clear, rational thinking about such contradictions, at least not at first. You may discover much more by dialoging with your dreams, working with images and metaphor, engaging the emergent reality of the mythic realm—try listening to your experiences as you would a dream, hopefully with great reverence for the autonomy of the image or the other, recognizing that the image’s or the other’s separate, lived reality is very different from your own. What might you learn if you offer your diffuse attention with a respectful curiosity to what may be an otherwise annoying or frustrating experience(s) or perspective(s)? If insight isn’t forthcoming, it may be better to record images and impressions and wait until next week to review or revisit when the Sun moves away from Neptune and Mercury begins to oppose Saturn.

“Dreamscape (where im free)” by Paolo Marco Mañalac

Because the Last Quarter Moon square Sun aspect draws both Mercury and Neptune squarely into our considerations, remember that Mercury-Neptune responds well to what are often referred to as nonordinary states of consciousness. Examples of this kind of consciousness includes dream states, waking reveries, and mystical states of consciousness which reach into domains beyond the so-called normal or ego-based. They can be induced by REM sleep, meditation, repetition of mantra or chant, trance induction, hyperventilation, or with the help of various catalysts from the plant realm (fermented plants, herbal tinctures, certain mushrooms, marijuana, etc). Humans have been altering their consciousness for millennia for the purposes of obtaining initiatory visions, healing, receiving new powers, negotiating with “the deities that be” and many other reasons. These states aren’t useless to us, but they require their own special time and space. Give some appropriate time and space to the exploration of expanded or altered states of consciousness, and aim for healing insight or spiritual knowledge and you will make very good use of this week’s astro-weather.

Sometimes we have to surrender our obsession with goals in order to receive certain gifts along the way which will ultimately aid us. Fighting against any indication that we need to slow down or perhaps pause for some kind of reflection will not only squander an opportunity but just add to the frustration. Why try to write a technical manual when a poem is called for? For those of us who are beset by deadlines, try giving some time over to the playful, open and curious engagement of the mythic or the imaginal, and you may find that honoring those other worlds gives you your concentration back—and may even release you from a previously unrecognized burden.


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