The Sun is bolting through Leo following last week’s Leo New Moon (Aug. 11) which gave us an opportunity to ask about the sources and nature of our generosity towards others and why we give what we give. Is your generosity based on a sense of scarcity or lacking? Do you give in order to get? Do you puff yourself up with an image of “Mr/Ms Generosity”? This sort of self-image as well as other reflections on reciprocity could be examined while under the influence of this Leonine New Moon—plus a little Mercury and Mars retrograde to amplify the inquiry and our capacity to reconsider or take a different perspective.

Mercury’s current retrograde is wrapping up, when they will station direct at 11° Leo on August 18, right as they are making an easeful sextile aspect to the planet of love and connection, Venus. Disagreements, misunderstandings and frustrations which cropped up around the time of Mercury’s turn to retrograde motion on July 25 may work themselves out or find resolution or some kind of completion. But Mars’ continued retrograde motion will point us towards looking even deeper to confront patterns of self-sabotage, misdirected passions and karmic obstacles. How do your bodily needs, instinctual or survival-based habits and basic predispositions conflict with your desired self-image, your vision of the future and your various goals? Locating these internal incompatibilities may bring frustration at first, but pay close attention! You can gather important information which will help you to take appropriate action once the planet of pursuit, direction and energy, Mars turns direct on Aug. 27.

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Be wary of emotional explosivity on August 16 and 17 while the Moon travels through the churning depths of Scorpio. The Moon describes the unconscious and signifies our somatic self, our emotions and our basic needs—and therefore our vulnerability. Scorpio’s intensely searching nature can leave us feeling a little exposed if not totally raw, when put into contact with what is already typically hidden from view (the Moon’s province). Taking a moment to actually feel your emotions—rather than reacting or lashing out—could actually bring a great gift of insight into some of your basic unmet needs. Don’t waste time trying to analyze other people on the basis of your feelings. What do your feelings say about you, what you value and care for, and what you wish to protect and serve? How can you uphold your values and serve what you love?

Also this week, expansive, optimistic Jupiter makes its final exact trine aspect to the visionary dreamer Neptune (exact Aug. 19), asking us to look closely at our philosophies of life and any need for adjustments. Are our goals too lofty, or perhaps we just need to add a few more measured steps to get from A to Z? Can we engage our shortcomings and wounds with a mature heart, with a steady hand, with faithfulness to our own divine nature? It is an amazing gift to be able to see what needs repair—it is the first step in the process of moving towards greater wholeness. Don’t despair in the recognition of what is yet to be addressed; give thanks that your path is becoming that much more clear!

Key dates for Mercury retrograde:
July 6, 2018 – Mercury enters shadow 11° Leo
July 25, 2018 – Mercury stations retrograde 23° Leo
Aug. 18, 2018 – Mercury stations direct 11° Leo
Sept. 1, 2018 – Mercury exits shadow 23° Leo

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