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The equinox is just behind us and our week opens with the vibrant Sun squaring somber Saturn (exact Sept. 25) while underworldly Pluto comes rumbling to a halt (stationing direct Sept. 30). Some of us will be feeling the strain of work or responsibility or just a general sobering of our exuberance as Saturn reminds us of the details we overlooked or the mistakes and problems yet to be resolved. Pluto’s slowing intensifies his presence wherever he is transiting our personal chart—it’s hard to forget the time I once found a half-decomposed mouse in my recycling bin, swimming with Pluto’s regenerative if repulsive lifeforms, just as Pluto was stationing. We may be catching a greater whiff of the stench of needed if unwanted decay in personal, professional and civic spheres and it will be helpful to alternate between disgust and reverence for the whole process. There is a good reason we tend to prefer to steer clear of death and decay, and yet its presence is vital to the continuance of life. How can your repulsion guide you towards life-affirming actions, decisions and affiliations with others? Can you remain humble to the fact that you, too, have a “sinister side?”

With communicative Mercury in the sky approaching their square to regenerative Pluto, our thoughts might quite naturally drift down into the broody depths. And while we may be confronted with important information we have failed to notice until now, there may be little we can do about it, at least in the immediate term. And yet the desire to act will be spurred by the Sun’s trine to energetic Mars (exact Sept. 27) and so we may try to plough ahead with renewed, optimistic intensity. Will this work? Maybe.

Because the planet of harmony Venus is also slowing down to make her retrograde station (Oct. 5) and may also bring some unexpected twists to normally functional social relations. Our attempts to assert ourselves could be ill-received or just go nowhere, as needed connections or supports remain elusive, or require more of us than we expected. On the other hand, your assertion could lead in an unexpected direction and it would be wise to take it slowly and use the incoming Mercury-Pluto influence to gather good intel—listen carefully, peer beneath surfaces, don’t settle for the superficial perspective. Just be careful of bumping into a hornet’s nest or stepping into a yellowjacket hive as you go!  Tender situations are easily provoked and it’s possible that your investigations will reveal more than you ever actually wanted to know. But stick with a low and slow tempo for most of this week—patience can pay greater dividends than charging at windmills or banging your head against a door that’s not ready to open.

Note, too, that the trickster Mercury is now scouting out ahead of the Sun and aspecting Pluto before the Sun does, perhaps bringing you hints, clues and tidbits that will prepare you for the meaning of upcoming Venus retrograde (in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, also backing into her home sign of Libra) as well as the upcoming square of the Sun to Pluto (exact Oct. 11). Listen in to the end of this week and the beginning of the next for clues about your mid-October plans. Not only could secrets, betrayals and “shady” types of information surface, but word could come from powerful allies, shapeshifting peers or even siblings, as well as powerful inner figures. If you’ve been playing around with malevolent or unwholesome forces without any real understanding of what it is you’re dabbling in—take notice. Some kind of fallout from those associations is imminent. The Aries Full Moon we’ve just experienced (on Sept. 24) will have likely triggered or confirmed these developments.

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