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I’ve missed writing the weekly astrological outlook for you these past two weeks due to illness. Here’s to better health!

The week begins with the Sun’s entry into the sign of Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 22, 2018). The Sun symbolizes our sense of self or conscious identity and how we want to be seen, and Scorpio beckons us to engage the more murky territory in our psyche. What has been hidden from you? What have you hidden from yourself? Seeing through the murk requires a special kind of vision, a night vision attuned to symbolism and fired by a sacred curiosity. Scorpio digs down for the truth, which can lead into sensitive territory. Thinking symbolically rather than literally can move you beyond fears, taboos and similar restrictions on seeing clearly. Because when we dig down underneath the niceties and surface appearances, it’s important to be open to what is, rather than consumed by desires for or fears of what might be—and hence the need for a true curiosity. Incorporating a sacred dimension to the search for truth can help you not only respect what you find but help you hold the shock of whatever is waiting to be found.

For every planet which enters Scorpio over the next couple of years immediately opposes Uranus, the planet of shock, surprise and awakening (Sun opposite Uranus exact Oct. 23.) There is an electric excitement which can accompany Sun-Uranus, supercharging our courage to try something new or bizarre or risky. When we’re holding Uranus within, it will fuel confidence and feeling secure in our beliefs and our motives, even to the point of excluding the views and feelings of others. That is why Uranus symbolizes breaks with the past and with the prevailing ideas of what is good, true and beautiful—the Uranian impulse must firmly believe its ways are just as good, true and beautiful as the contradictory beliefs of mainstream societies, family traditions or personal karmic patterns. But this is Sun opposite Uranus in the sky, so we might notice Uranus being held by someone or something outside of us. Such as the unexpected and perhaps unpleasant wake up call concerning our self-image, or a challenge to newly won self-confidence, or the call to present a more genuine and perhaps more vulnerable persona.


Chart for Taurus Full Moon 2018

It could all just be extremely irritating, as well, for the Taurus Full Moon on Oct. 24 at 9:46am US/Pacific will be sitting right on top of Uranus. The Full Moon is very energetic all on its own and emotional tensions may be too much to suppress under this influence. Freedom versus loyalty or bonding is highlighted and it will be helpful to know what exactly you want. If you want relationships which give you both, it’s a great time to sort through how to make that happen but don’t expect everyone you’re currently involved with to be in the same exploratory space. Hearing out insecurities—whether from your own psyche or from those who depend or rely on you in some way—will be far more helpful to you than flipping everyone the finger and singing “my way or the highway.” In fact, listening to others’ responses (including if those “others” are your own inner conflicts) can help you in the process of finding your paradoxical way forward. Remember: sacred curiosity. Offer that to yourself under this unsettled and potentially surprising Full Moon.

The Taurus Full Moon also exactly squares the Moon’s nodal axis in the sky making a tense conversation between past and future, karma and dharma, and what enables us versus what hinders us. It looks quite like something long hidden or very surprising will be revealed—like the recent national news coverage in the US of a 14-year ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which is well on its way to becoming one of the worst offshore ecological disasters in US history. The oil company that owns the rig has tried to conceal the fact so that an estimated 300 to 700 barrels of oil per day have been quietly spewing into the Gulf. For 14 years. That’s between 1.5 and 3.6 million barrels of toxic crude oil. While our own personal revelation may not be on such a scope or scale, indeed this week could witness a substantial change in our sense of security and what we thought was real or true or trustworthy. For some, it will be a new sense of confidence, a release from limiting stories and entanglements and a bold, exciting new relationship to vulnerability. For others, it could be more like finding out someone has hidden something very toxic from you, and perhaps right in your own home.


Key dates for Venus retrograde:
Sept. 3, 2018 – Venus enters shadow 25° Libra
Oct. 5, 2018 – Venus stations retrograde 10° Scorpio
Nov. 16, 2018 – Venus stations direct 25° Libra
Dec. 16, 2018 – Venus exits shadow 10° Scorpio

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