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We welcome in the first full week of December with the Sagittarius New Moon on Dec. 6 at 11:20pm US/Pacific, highlighting our ambitions to adventure, explore, learn and believe in something greater than ourselves. Sagittarius is considered the home sign of the royal planet Jupiter, whose significations are getting a signal boost since Jupiter entered Sagg about a month ago. As harsh as many realities are, Jupiter in Sagg can encourage us to seek out grounds for optimism or to (re-)establish our relationship with hope, meaning and our purpose in this lifetime. The quest for meaning is a primary quality of the sign of Sagittarius and those who have strong Sagg emphases will often find meaning in even the most challenging of circumstances, when all others would despair. Our relationship to the planet Jupiter reflects our sense of optimism, faith and hope for the future, as Jupiter correlates to good fortune and favor, the ability to grow, opportunities, and philosophy as “a love (philos) of wisdom (sophia).”

Horoscope of the 2018 Sagittarius New Moon
2018 Sagittarius New Moon

This week’s New Moon in Sagg features storyteller Jupiter exactly at the midpoint between messenger Mercury and the fertile conjunction of Sun and Moon. This means that Jupiter—the planet of expansion—draws Mercury—the planet of the mind—into the New Moon configuration and the four planets can work together to infuse any intentions you might like to set for the lunar month ahead. One possibility is to welcome in the healing available from the Jupiter square Neptune world transit (Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2019) which could be a great ally to the intensity and rigidity of the Saturn-Pluto world transit that’s bringing some urgency to our evolutionary process. Jupiter-Neptune is soft, empathic, forgiving, endowed with grand visionary potential and imbues imagination and spiritual experience with an ecstatic, celebratory or humorous quality. In a less integrated form, Jupiter-Neptune can represent the grand delusion, spiritual materialism and an overblown, false religiosity.

Amongst the potentials of the current Jupiter-Neptune alignment is “healing the relationship to belief itself.” Working with this New Moon to explore both your skepticism and your naivety is supported by the Mars conjunction to Neptune (exact Dec. 7) which is aspecting the New Moon. Mars-Neptune can appear as the spiritual warrior and Mars will bring a bit of complexity to Neptune’s square to the New Moon, which might otherwise render us very blurry and indistinct. Mars may function by way of irritation and following the lines of what ails us in order to find reconciliation or healing is suggested by the overall cosmic portrait. Particularly where violations of our boundaries or those whom we care about intersect our belief or our relationship to belief systems, ideologies and philosophies. Sagittarius and Jupiter want us to grow, not to remain in a “repetition compulsion,” the psychological tendency to re-enact traumas again and again and again, with the hope of having a different outcome. A different outcome will require a different viewpoint and the application of conscious self-reflection. Fortunately, Mercury returns to direct motion on Dec. 6 just prior to the New Moon’s exact conjunction, offering hope of thought processes that are more direct and on target. But Mercury’s slowed motion indicates value in moving slowly through thoughts, reflections and feelings. Particularly where injury and trauma is involved, it is important to move at the pace of the body rather than the mind.

Venus’ return to Scorpio (Dec. 2 – Jan. 7) in the wake of her recent retrograde adds to the picture of following the lines of what ails us in order to heal. Venus represents many seductions we can spend a lifetime pursuing: money, sex, love, community. She wants connection and harmony but can have such a hard time in Scorpio because she must first confront whatever is problematic or terrifying within our needs to give and receive love. It’s hard to feel balance, harmony and satisfaction when there is so much “stuff” to metabolize. And what does it mean to metabolize something? Metabolism describes separating nutrients from what is unusable and sorting each to an appropriate place. What is nutrient? What is material for the compost pile? What is a little bit of both? Don’t neglect the nutrient value of whatever may want to emerge from Scorpio’s hidden underworld. It is foundational to the Jupiterian path to wholeness.


Key dates for Venus retrograde:
Sept. 3, 2018 – Venus enters shadow 25° Libra
Oct. 5, 2018 – Venus stations retrograde 10° Scorpio
Nov. 16, 2018 – Venus stations direct 25° Libra
Dec. 16, 2018 – Venus exits shadow 10° Scorpio

Key dates for Mercury retrograde:
Oct. 28, 2018 – Mercury enters shadow 27° Scorpio
Nov. 16, 2018 – Mercury stations retrograde 13° Sagittarius
Dec. 6, 2018 – Mercury stations direct 27° Scorpio
Dec. 24, 2018 – Mercury exits shadow 13° Sagittarius

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