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Erica Jones

What Does Astrology Offer?

My astrological consultations are guided by your interests and needs. I use astrology’s sense of timing and development as well as its mythic storytelling power to help you explore the various inner and outer influences that propel your life on an individual and a collective level. Regardless of the archetypal patterns at play—such as Hero/Heroine, Lover, Warrior, Apprentice, Phoenix, Mother—I enjoy working with clients to develop ways of engaging with these powerful motivating forces and sometimes hidden influences. 

I use the perspectives of ecopsychology to orient us within the intelligence of the Earth and cosmos. Ecopsychology is based on the idea that the human psyche emerges from the Earth, and brings us back home to the wisdom of the body and our belonging to the Earth Community.

In my soul-centered approach to teaching and counseling astrology, I draw on the deepest aspects of ourselves by including many ways of knowing, learning and growing: intuitive, imaginal, kinesthetic, as well as cognitive. I take great joy in creating an environment which welcomes the many layers which make us each unique, and allows students and clients to access and integrate more of their experience.

Schedule a reading of your horoscope to:

  • Uncover and navigate your inner resources, challenges and potentials for personal development
  • Transform psychological liabilities into assets, developing more of your personality
  • Deepen and enhance your relationships with family and intimates
  • Learn more about your particular soul’s call to service and your search for meaning in this world
  • Explore how to cooperate with and influence the energies and forces presently shaping your life

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Astrological Consultations

General consultation: Birth chart and transits analysis

For new clients, I offer a 75-minute birth chart and transit analysis. We will first review your birth chart, where we will focus most on the angular relationships (aspects) between the planets, which can reveal much about your innate predispositions, life path, personality and deeper potentials. Then for the transit analysis, we will examine how your natal chart has expressed itself through time and what energies are currently prominent in your life. You are welcome to ask about specific issues, such as professional path, intimate relationships, family and so on.
Consultation by phone or by Zoom.
$190 for first time clients.

Returning Client Check-In

For clients who have consulted with me previously. We can continue the conversation, visit new topics or review how your transits have unfolded since our last consult, integrating your experiences into the context of your chart, your aspirations and your skills.
Consultation by phone or by Zoom.
$175 for 75 minutes. $150 for 60 minutes.  

I am available by telephone or Zoom teleconferencing anywhere in the world.  Consultations are completely confidential and can be recorded for your personal use.  You will need to provide your birth time (if unknown, then the best approximation), date of birth, and city and state or country of birth and I will ask you to fill out a brief intake form before our reading, which will help you get the most out of our time together.

About Erica

Erica Jones at high elevation, mountain ranges in backgroundI am a lover of wisdom, a guide, and a teacher and I have used the languages of astrology since 2006, primarily through the lens of the archetypal astrology of Richard Tarnas. Guided by love, compassion and an open heart, my path has brought me into deep conversation with the living Earth and sky. I’ve had steady companionship in psychospiritual adventures from ecopsychology, mythology, depth psychology, dream work, Buddhism and systemic (family) constellations. Woven together with all these vantage points, astrology helps us to understand more about the unique place we inhabit in the Earth.

Antioch University Seattle (BA, 2008) and the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness community at the California Institute of Integral Studies (MA, 2012) grew my heart and opened my mind to the sacred stories of the Earth and cosmos and their human manifestations. I continually imagine what it looks like for the human to belong on the Earth and I am convening community to explore this question together.  You’ll find a few more of my passions in life expressed via the blog lunapoiesis.

Information on my publications and presentations is here, and available to view online