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Jones_Erica-2014-SFASWelcome to Real Imaginal, where imagination meets Earth, the home of astrology by Erica Jones.

unsolicited praise . . . “I found the session with you…very rooting…and also feel like l had a conversation with the universe. How gorgeous is that. …Thank you.”    -W.R.F., Scotland

What Can Astrology Offer?

Schedule a reading of your horoscope to

  • Uncover and navigate your inner resources, challenges and potentials for personal development
  • Transform psychological liabilities into assets, developing more of your personality
  • Deepen and enhance your relationships with family and intimates
  • Learn more about your particular soul’s call to service and your search for meaning in this world
  • Explore how to cooperate with and influence the energies and forces presently shaping your life

My Soul-oriented practice is enriched by the practices and perspectives of ecopsychology, which understands that the individual psyche emerges from the greater intelligence of the Earth itself. Astrology skillfully illuminates the larger mythic dimensions which animate our individual and collective lives, and opens avenues of access and engagement with those mythic and often hidden or obscured dimensions.

 unsolicited praise . . . “It was so lovely getting your wise input on everything yesterday.” –J.K., US

Astrological Consultations

I am currently offering 90-minute natal chart and transit analyses. We will first review your natal (birth) chart, where we will focus most on the angular relationships (aspects) between the planets, which can reveal much about your innate predispositions, life path, personality and deeper potentials. Then for the transit analysis, we will examine how your natal chart has expressed itself through time and what energies are currently prominent in your life. Astrological transits occur when planets in the sky form aspects with the planets in your natal chart.

My standard rate for a consultation is $140.  I am pleased to extend a special rate of $100 to students, and a sliding scale of $90 – $140 to residents of Anderson Valley, California and adjacent areas.

Returning clients receive discounted rates, such as $85 for an hour-long follow up at six months, or for annual follow-up readings ($65 for students).

Online scheduling Book easily online!

unsolicited praise . . . “I have found your reading to be really disturbing- just what I deeply love in my life. There is much in there to work with and so much in your reading that corresponds to many ‘awakenings.'” -L.H.  

Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction ON-GOING SPECIAL: I am also extending a sliding scale of $90 – $140 to individuals born February through June 1988, and December 1988 through December 1990. Those born in this time frame have a rare alignment of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn, which will exercise a profound and often challenging influence on their lives. It is important to me that the insight, guidance, clarity and mirroring which astrology can provide be available to those with the Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction, as it may prove especially useful to their developmental path.

I am located on Vashon Island near Seattle, Washington and I am available for in-person readings here as well as occasionally in the San Francisco Bay Area (please inquire). I am available by telephone or Zoom teleconferencing anywhere in the world.  Consultations are completely confidential and can be recorded for your personal use.  You will need to provide your birth time (if unknown, then the best approximation), date of birth, and city and state or country of birth and I will ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire before our reading, which will help you get the most out of our time together.

unsolicited praise . . . “Receiving an astrological transit reading with Erica is like being hit with a beam of sunlight through a stained glass window on a dreary day. When she gazes at the chart, and feels into the archetypes, and looks at me, it is as though she recognizes parts of myself that I am as yet still getting to know. And I feel seen, validated and encouraged in that what I am experiencing is exactly right for me, for right now.”  -K.L.L.

About Erica

I have cultivated an astrological relationship with the cosmos since 2006, primarily through the study of archetypal astrology with Richard Tarnas. I have also studied with various other astrologers and appreciate the work of Donna Cunningham, Sue Tompkins, Liz Greene, Caroline Casey and others. I am influenced by my studies of ecopsychology, mythology, depth psychology, dream work and systemic (family) constellations.

I completed my undergraduate studies at Antioch University Seattle in 2008 and received an M.A. in Integral Ecology from the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2012. In 2013, I had the honor of presenting on “Ecosexuality: Liberating the Venus Within Pluto” at the first Queer Astrology Conference . You can also find out more about my passions in life on the blog lunapoiesis.

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