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Erica Jones

Healing Rituals

I am excited to offer a method of metaphysical healing that simultaneously addresses the needs of the heart, the mind and the body. This method is made up of specific healing rituals that use innate gifts of claircognition and clairvoyance to tap into spiritual guidance and insight, and make it possible to facilitate healing, clarity, closure or resolution for emotional, spiritual or physical issues.

We will meet over Zoom (or if you prefer, by telephone), and dialog about what you seek healing for and the desired outcome of our work together. I will then create an altar for your healing, using the five elements, herbs, minerals or gems and other elements of nature to represent the transformation of energies in our ritual space. Next, I will craft a combination of personal healing rituals uniquely for you, to support your healing and restoration of wholeness, and/or recovery from difficult past experiences.

With your consent, the rituals I might use include: energetic clearing and extraction, cord cuttings, return of lost soul parts, past life healing, curse clearing, removal of overshadowing energies, removal of collective suffering energies, conversations with spiritual guides and ancestors, plant spirit healing, elemental healing, divination, crossing over of deceased loved ones or attached spirits, and spiritual protection. While many of these ritual techniques involve removal and clearing of energies and patterns, they also have a healing and wholeness component which supports wellness and integration.

Schedule a Healing Ritual here:

Healing ritual  (75 min. to 2.5 hours)

A combination of personal healing rituals uniquely crafted for you, to support your healing and restoration of wholeness, and/or recovery from difficult experiences of the past.

Schedule 75 minutes for a general clearing, energetic healing work, help for the recently departed, or cutting energetic cords.
Schedule 90 minutes for a ceremony with two intentions (i.e., general clearing and a cord cutting).
Schedule 2 hours for releasing attached spirits or overshadowing energies, ancestral healing work, curse clearing, or if we address more than two intentions.

Schedule 2.5 hours if you would like a healing ritual for a relationship. We will tend to and bless the Soul of the relationship as well as use individualized rituals crafted to support each individual’s wellness within the relationship, and provide any needed healing for difficult experiences of the past.

Consultation by Zoom or by phone.


Healing ritual  (75 min.)
$150 for 75 minutes

Healing ritual  (90 min.)
$175 for 90 minutes

Healing ritual  (2 hours)
$225 for 2 hours

Healing ritual  (2.5 hours)
$275 for 2.5 hours


Disclaimer: This kind of healing work can be a powerful catalyst and complement to the work of psychological and spiritual healing and growth, and yet it is important to recognize that spiritual and energetic healing is not a substitute for medical or mental health care that may be needed. Results can vary depending on the nature of each session and the integration process which follows.

About Erica

Erica Jones at high elevation, mountain ranges in backgroundI am a lover of wisdom, a guide, and a teacher and I have studied ritual and ceremony since 2006, with a special emphasis on psychospiritual growth and healing for individuals and groups. Guided by love, compassion and an open heart, my path has brought me into deep conversation with the living Earth and sky. Along the way, I have had steady companionship in psychospiritual adventures from astrology, ecopsychology, mythology, depth psychology, dream work, Buddhism and systemic (family) constellations. I have learned the forms of metaphysical healing used in these rituals from Katy Pavlis, who carries several lineages of healing traditions.

Antioch University Seattle (BA, 2008) and the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness community at the California Institute of Integral Studies (MA, 2012) grew my heart and opened my mind to the sacred stories of the Earth and cosmos and their human manifestations. I continually imagine what it looks like for the human to belong on the Earth, and to know this belonging with all of our being. I have found that healing rituals can both clear obstacles to this greater belonging, and facilitate stronger connections–both in our inner and outer world.