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Erica Jones

Intuitive Readings

I can use my innate gifts of claircognition and clairvoyance to tap into spiritual guidance and insight around any questions or quandaries you are facing. Whether you are at a crossroads, making a big life decision, or simply looking to deepen your understanding of a particular issue or area of your life, your intentions open the way to knowledge.

We will meet over Zoom (or if you prefer, by telephone). During an intuitive reading, I might use the tool of astrology, my empathic intuitive capacities, past life or Akashic records inquiries, and divinatory methods in order to help you clarify your questions and intentions. I may use repetitive sounds of a rattle or soft drumming to enhance my perception.

Please avoid using any recreational drugs, marijuana (CBD or THC), or alcohol in the 12 hours prior to your session. These substances cause your energetic field to be “hazy” or “blurry” and make it challenging to achieve clear sight. If you are taking any psychiatric or pain medication, please inform me at the beginning of your session so that I can make adjustments to best assist you.

Schedule Your Intuitive Reading:

Intuitive reading: Individual (45 min. to 2 hours)

I recommend 45 minutes for 1 or 2 questions, and up to 2 hours if you’d like to explore a range of topics. 

Focused on specific questions or major life events and choices, such as starting school, health and healing, buying property, conception/birth, death, marriage, divorce, opening a business, relocation, health, etc.

Consultation by Zoom or by phone.

Intuitive reading: Individual  (45 min.)
$95 for 45 minutes

Intuitive reading: Individual  (60 min.)
$125 for 60 minutes

Intuitive reading: Individual  (90 min.)
$185 for 90 minutes

Intuitive reading: Individual  (2 hours)
$250 for 2 hours

Intuitive reading: Relationship reading (2 hours)

An exploration into the soul of your relationship. I read for both individuals involved using astrological methods, consultation with your spiritual guidance, ritual divination and possibly past life or Akashic record readings.

Intuitive reading: Relationship
$250 for 2 hours

Intuitive reading: Life’s work (career) (90 min. or 2 hours)

An examination of your life’s work, as calling, career, or as a business. I will use astrological techniques, ritual divination and consult with your spiritual guidance. If you own a business, we will seek the input of the Soul of your business, and inquire into its health. If it is relevant, I may inquire into past lives during the reading.

Intuitive reading: Life’s work (career) (90 min.)
$175 for 90 minutes

Intuitive reading: Life’s work (career) (2 hours)
$225 for 2 hours

About Erica

Erica Jones at high elevation, mountain ranges in backgroundI am a lover of wisdom, a guide, and a teacher and I have studied in metaphysics and consciousness studies since 2006, with a special emphasis on psychospiritual growth and healing for individuals and groups. Guided by love, compassion and an open heart, my path has brought me into deep conversation with the living Earth and sky. Along the way, I have had steady companionship in psychospiritual adventures from astrology, ecopsychology, mythology, depth psychology, dream work, Buddhism and systemic (family) constellations. I have learned how to develop and use my innate gifts of claircognition, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to tap into spiritual guidance and insight in service of the highest good and greatest benefit for my clients.

Antioch University Seattle (BA, 2008) and the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness community at the California Institute of Integral Studies (MA, 2012) grew my heart and opened my mind to the sacred stories of the Earth and cosmos and their human manifestations. I continually imagine what it looks like for the human to belong on the Earth, and to know this belonging with all of our being. I have found that tapping into intuitive and spiritual guidance can both clear obstacles to this greater belonging, and facilitate stronger connections–both in our inner and outer world.