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I am pleased to be included in an anthology of presentations at the first Queer Astrology Conference held in San Francisco at the California Institute of Integral Studies in July 2013.

My contribution is entitled Ecosexuality: Liberating the Venus Within Pluto

In poetic paraphrase of Barbara Deming (1917-1984), a remarkable peace activist who remained in the closet for the majority of her life:

Sexuality cracks our single selves
for without it
we would be impossibly

You are invited to an exploration of ecosexuality, a nascent global movement transforming the metaphor of “Earth as (simply) Mother” to “Earth as Lover,” as an entryway to awakening the astrological archetypes in a radically animate cosmology which recognizes the centrality of relationship to our being.  We will further examine how the revolutionary potential of queer sexualities—apparently so threatening to social and cultural hierarchies—can contribute to the development of an environmental ethic (ethics inclusive of the greater-than-human world) which offers greater inclusivity and justice within the human family.


Click here to purchase the book, which includes topics ranging from the Saturn Return of AIDS to Queer Talk on Client Work, featuring astrologers Ian Waisler, Christopher Renstrom, Rhea Wolf, Barry Perlman and Jessica Lanyadoo.


Forging the Real Imaginal: The Re-Enchantment of Neptune 

On December 4, 2014, I presented to Coniunctio, the astrology club at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  Watch my presentation on YouTube:

Forging the Real Imaginal: The Re-Enchantment of Neptune
Description: “It may be hard to believe, but the archetype of Neptune is REAL! Yet Neptune can be deeply misunderstood and poorly utilized due to the disenchanted scientific portrayal of the cosmos as fundamentally dead, mechanical and without its own meaning or purpose. We will explore both the difficult and the infinitely creative potentials of Neptune from within an enchanted perspective, in which people can co-create meaning, purpose and context with the consciousness of the cosmos. We will honor the current Saturn square Neptune alignment by considering the importance of curiosity, psychic hygiene, community, and healthy boundaries to the productive engagement of the Neptunian, a realm begging for our self-reflection.”


Deepening Our Relations: Moon-Pluto and the Scorpio Moon

On March 26, 2015, I presented this lecture to the San Francisco Astrological Society. You may download an MP3 version of this talk (which begins at 11:27 (11 minutes, 27 seconds)) at this link.

Description: “A review of the literature on Moon-Pluto and Scorpio Moon reveals the difficulty which mainstream culture has with the emotional dimensions of existence.  While this combination can certainly correlate with tragedy, especially in childhood, it also symbolizes a depth of psychological understanding. We will re-vision the Plutonic/Scorpionic Moon in order to understand how difficult emotions can be dishonored and discarded, to our own detriment, and how difficult emotions can become a source of wisdom and guidance, to everyone’s benefit.  Learn practical techniques for metabolizing challenging emotions, compassionately cultivating emotional intelligence, and envision the Moon and Pluto in a different light.”

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