Gift certificates available FOR

Astrological and Intuitive Readings by Erica Jones


If you would like to give a unique gift of an astrology consultation or an intuitive reading to a friend or loved one, please reach out to me at

I can create a printable and email-friendly gift certificate for you to use, along with instructions on how to redeem it.


Astrology consultation gift certificates are $190 (75 min. session)

Gift someone with astrology’s sense of timing and development as well as its mythic storytelling power to explore the various influences that propel their life. Regardless of the archetypal patterns at play—such as Hero/Heroine, Lover, Warrior, Apprentice, Phoenix, Mother—I enjoy working with people to develop ways of engaging with these powerful motivating forces and sometimes hidden influences. 


Intuitive reading gift certificates are available in variable amounts from $95 to $250

Gift someone with spiritual guidance and insight around any questions or quandaries they are facing, using my gifts and skills of claircognition and clairvoyance.  Whether someone is at a crossroads, making a big life decision, or simply looking to deepen their understanding of a particular issue or area of your life, their intentions open the way to knowledge.