Healing Earth in the Real Imaginal - Moon, Earth, Large Magellanic Cloud

Join me, Erica Jones of Real Imaginal Astrology and Kirsten Love Lauzon, a facilitator of systemic/family constellations at Healing Earth, for a series of conversations exploring the topic of relational neuroscience—which is essentially the study of the impact and effect of other people’s presence on our nervous systems, well-being and development. With the work of international speaker and facilitator Sarah Peyton as our launch pad, we focus in on healing from personal and collective trauma and also explore the interconnection of other topics such as astrology, modern consciousness studies and systemic/family constellations.

Erica Jones and Kirsten Love Lauzon

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Conversation One: Relational neuroscience and healing trauma

Conversation Two: Relational neuroscience and healing trauma

NOTE: Kirsten would like make a clarifying addendum to Part 2: “In this episode, I say that the prefrontal cortex ‘is what separates us from non-human animals’–and that statement doesn’t feel resonant with my core truth, so I want to clarify my belief. My sense is that the PFC connects us more than it separates us, for example, social intelligence is thought to depend on the PFC, but mammals without frontal lobe functioning, like dolphins, still show social behaviors so other structures in the brain must also be involved, or provide similar functioning in different species. In short, I would like to recognize that much of consciousness and the brain remain a mystery, especially when it comes to the lived experiences of other beings!”

Recorded January 10, 2019 in Seattle, Washington