“We have all heard people describe other people, in a derogatory way, as being ‘full of imagination.’ The fact is that if you are not full of imagination, you are not very sane.”  –Buckminster Fuller

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Real Imaginal Astrology Newsletter

Vol. 3, Issue# 3 – December 2017



Though we’re finally out of the “too muchness” of the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square which had been with us since November 2016, the events related to it leading up to Saturn’s entry into Capricorn (December 19, 2017) are really just the twinges that foretell birth labor yet to come. 2018 will bring the beginnings of contractions, with heavy labor expected in 2019, as Saturn catches up to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn in October 2018.

While we might have hoped for a bit of a breather until Saturn conjoins Pluto late next year, Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio on October 10, 2017, has correlated to the eruption of a wealth (Jupiter) of repressed secrets around sexual abuse and gender-based harassment and mistreatment (Scorpio). This suggests that the confrontations which precede the possibility of healing are far from over. The call for justice (Jupiter) in matters of sex and power (Scorpio) is rippling out into the already turbulent collective consciousness. How justice is defined and pursued, however, will prove to be one of the linchpins of the next five years.

The period of time in which Saturn formed a square aspect to Neptune (Nov. 2014 – Sept. 2017) while the world-transforming alignment of Uranus square Pluto raged seems to read as “The Open Secret,” a theme which will continue as societies and institutions wrestle with (or try to avoid) what has been exposed. Voice is being given to ugliness which so many already knew about, but had been largely ignored or pushed away. Saturn’s reality principle has diligently scraped away the layers of collective illusion (Neptune), testing the validity and durability of human narratives and mythic structures on all levels—personal, interpersonal, transpersonal; familial, regional, national, international; etc.

Jupiter’s time in Scorpio through Nov. 2018 is a good time to ensure that any “new story” proposed to replace the crumbling edifice of consensus reality includes the underworld…that it includes the parts of life we would rather not know about. The disfigured, the ugly, the misunderstood, the taboo and the long forgotten. The perpetrator, too, is among the disfigured and distorted, manufactured by a dominant culture which tends to divorce feeling, empathy and intuition from our human knowing. The perpetrator needs healing as much as the victim, and yet only through a process which places victims and victims’ needs at the center might perpetrators begin to recover their own humanity and realize new ways of relating. We are called to create a justice which is restorative of our relations now more than ever, a justice which helps us to celebrate our relatedness and realize that no one heals alone.

Fortunately, Jupiter in Scorpio also brings us the long-term transit of Jupiter trine Neptune (Nov. 2017 – mid-Sept. 2018), supporting the broadening of worldviews and increasing the empathic imagination from which creative response can flow. Now is the time to cultivate the wholeness that will serve us in the continued upheaval of what was formerly stable (however oppressive it may have also been). Now is the time to cultivate the compassion to look squarely at ourselves, at our communities, at our beloved institutions and discover who and what needs to be included in the conversation.  In this context, Saturn’s entry into Capricorn suggests we adopt “practice ethics,” which says that morality is contained not in the words, concepts or ideals espoused by humans and their institutions, but in their actions. Their practices. What they do. Pointing at a list of ideals and saying, “But I am a good person!” isn’t going to fly if your actions completely contradict those ideals. Others will notice and point this out to you–best become aware of your practices, your actions and start bridging the gaps yourself.

It is also a good time to practice awareness of the narratives about “human nature” you listen to. Who has your ear? Who has hold of your heart? Is it fear? Is it an appeal to the better parts of our human nature? We contribute our power to whatever narrative we consume, whatever story we then cooperate with–and no, now is definitely not the time to indulge escapist fantasy that “they will fix it” or “someone will do something” or “it will work itself out.” Naivete is no one’s friend, particularly not for those who are gatekeepers of privilege in their societies. But neither is it wise to give ourselves over to the cynical story of the fragmented human, which emerges from the fragmented dominant culture that is far from intact. The divisions that are being exposed now provide an opportunity to bring deep, deep cultural healing–whether inside our own family or our wider communities. Find your wholeness and let it to lead you, for the fragments know not how.



I’m pleased to announce a new weekly astrological forecast, publishing on Tuesdays. Once a month, you will find this in Anima Mundi Apothecary’s Mystical Monday newsletter, which also contains wonderful DIY herbal treatments.
Check out Real Imaginal’s In The Sky section for featured planetary energies of the week.


In honor of the generation born roughly 30 years ago with a Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, I am offering everyone with natal Saturn placed from 25° Sagittarius to 29° Capricorn a special Saturn return reading at the following reduced rates for a limited time only:

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*If you don’t know exactly where your natal Saturn is, use astro.com or similar websites to cast your own chart, or get in touch with me and I will advise.


Soulful Community Circle at the Cunning Crow Apothecary in Seattle

Every other Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm, you’ll find me leading the Soulful Circle which offers a chance to join in community to deepen your cunning craft and awaken to the calling of Soul in community. In this circle, we will explore our connection with Soul, the unique qualities and attributes that align us with our inner calling, through the use of storytelling, communication with plant spirits, council sharing, shamanic drum journeys, guided meditation, systemic constellations, the Work That Reconnects and more!   Registration: $10-$20 (pay what you can – no one turned away for lack of funds), RSVP via erica@realimaginal.com; drop-ins are also welcome.

The Cunning Crow Apothecary, a fabulous resource for herbal remedies, self-care products & gifts, as well as wortcunning & ceremonial supplies, is located in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle at 9024 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103.

As of this writing, count every other Wednesday beginning with January 3, 2018 to find the Circle, or refer to the Cunning Crow Apothecary calendar for current meeting dates.

December 16, 2017 at the Washington State Astrological Association

Reaping to Sow Anew: Saturn in Capricorn
For we in the northern hemisphere, the long dark nights of winter cold coincide with the December solstice. This year’s Solstice also marks Saturn’s December 19 ingress into Capricorn, calling us to consider community and the responsibilities of sharing resources through difficult or lean times. For the indigenous peoples of our NW Coast, it is a time of ritual and community building, storytelling, gifting and sharing that carries the people and the land through the dark and wet winter. As Saturn’s movement suggests, our modern orientation to the season might benefit from tapping into such older traditions as we face shifting realities. But whereas Saturn in Capricorn represents a fortified dose of discipline, duty, responsibility and obedience, the larger astrological picture calls into question the very idea of service. Saturn also joins Pluto in Capricorn about midway through Pluto’s 15-year trek through the sign at the tail end of the Uranus-Pluto square, asking us who and what do we serve? What relational matrix are we responsible to? Let us gather to sow seeds of a renewed responsibility to celebrate life and its many communities.

Join us at Puget Sound Yacht Club 2321 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103, admission is free!

February 18, 2018 at the fourth Queer Astrology Conference

Moving Beyond Prescribed Archetypes: Systemic constellations and deep time
In this highly experiential process, learn more about your natal chart by accessing the wealth of information held within fields of consciousness. Tap into the wisdom and insight of the Knowing Field that has been revealed by the practice of systemic (family) constellations, and reach into deep time to access the origins of your potentials and witness the effects of embracing your radically unique self, rippling out to nourish the future.

Systemic (family) constellations sources a field of consciousness that forms a repository of memories, experiences, feelings and knowings which connect family, ancestors, the natural world, heavenly bodies and all of humanity. When we regard the natal chart as a system, this “Knowing Field” forms a conscious energy that we can enter into via representatives, who experience the feelings and sensations that mirror those of the specific planets or points in the natal chart. In combination with the Knowing Field, Joanna Macy’s concept of deep time broadens and deepens our experience of time by including both ancestors and future beings as here now and fully present, and able to communicate with us. Ancestors and future beings will provide support in the process of embodying your individual expression of the astrological archetypes. Absolutely no training or prior experience is required. All participants will get a chance to explore their own natal chart.

March 25, 2018 at the Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC)

An Uncommon Saturn Return: The Capricorn stellium generation 1988 – 1991
Based on results of a 2017 Saturn return survey of those born with Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, we’ll examine the unique experiences, challenges and maturation process of this generation. We’ll also consider how the Saturn return of the last Uranus-Neptune world alignment represents a maturation point for the new spiritual impulses, democratic ideals and imaginative breakthroughs which were seeded in collective consciousness. What clues might this generation provide towards a generative response to the pressures faced by the wider population?


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