“We have all heard people describe other people, in a derogatory way, as being ‘full of imagination.’ The fact is that if you are not full of imagination, you are not very sane.”  –Buckminster Fuller

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Real Imaginal Astrology Newsletter

Vol. 3, Issue# 2 – April 2017


In this section, I offer a small propitiation to the cosmic forces indicated by the planets, whose movements can be utilized rather like the hands of a clock. The clock does not cause it to be 7pm, a clock merely indicates what time it is, and likewise, the planets signify the quality of our time. We are free to embrace or to try to resist these qualities, and observe that it is our participation which brings actual events into being, even as these archetypal tendencies are most often enacted unconsciously. What might we try to notice in this current period? How might we try to creatively engage these qualities?

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Venus Retrograde
January 29, 2017 – Venus at 26° Pisces (enters path of retrograde)
March 4, 2017 – Venus at 13° Aries  stations retrograde
April 15, 2017 – Venus at 26° Pisces stations direct
May 18, 2017 – Venus at 13° Aries (exits path of retrograde, completing this retrograde cycle)

Since January 29, the Trickster has been at play in our relational sphere, seeking out vulnerabilities and testing strengths particularly in the realms of romance, friendship and other non-familial relationships. The Trickster is an archetypal character which reminds us that 1 + 1 does not always equal 2, and that what seems like a bad turn of events might actually be quite fortunate on some levels—and vice versa. Accurately perceiving good fortune under the influence of this Venus retrograde, however, is likely to depend on the skills you’ve gained through experience and the continuous hard work of self-knowledge.

With this tumultuous start to 2017, we have been given an opportunity to do things differently, and it could be helpful to reflect on when Venus made her last retrograde through the sign of Aries in early 2009. If you notice thematic similarities to any apparent challenges or opportunities, you will be well served to reflect on how much you have learned since 2009 and call upon those resources to help you determine better choices, or to simply recognize the larger story hidden beneath surface appearances.

Venus is making her direct station at 26° Pisces (April 15), which means she appears to stand still in the sky as the morning star. At the same time, Saturn is stationing retrograde at 27° Sagittarius, forming a practically exact square (90°) angle. When planets slow down to station direct or retrograde, their influence is increased and tends to be more prominent in our experience. This particular station of Venus could transcend more ordinary considerations of social and romantic contacts, and indicate deep consideration of our very ideals around love, connection and communion.

Depending on where we are on our own path of psychospiritual development, this movement could correlate to a demand to love exactly what is, and to let go of the desire for things to be other than what they are. This will help with the clarity necessary to assess the way forward. Here I speak of love as a cosmological power, the greatest force in the universe according to Mohandas Gandhi, quite apart from the egoic notion of preferences. To love is not the same as to like. It is part of the joy and the sorrow of being related, and asks that we honor our relationships appropriately—including the one we have with ourselves.

This April 15 direct station of Venus will allow us to inquire into the time, effort, discipline and self-overcoming necessary to truly love what is, in all its unadorned truth. Where we have choices in the matter, we could pause and try to discern the value of our investments. Is our care and attention being reciprocated? If not, what needs to mature in order to provide continuity, or perhaps what needs to end in order to allow our limited life energies to flow in ways that best benefit us? Trying to keep things together at status quo at this time will likely result in a more painful 2017 than is actually necessary, though again, that is a matter of where we are on our path. We may still be assimilating skills in relating which can only be won by hard experience. There may be more to be gained from continuing in a too-demanding or somehow unrewarding situation, generating the wisdom that only the hard work and perseverance of Saturn can provide.

Included in the mix is Chiron at 26° Pisces, forming an exact conjunction with Venus and joining in the exact square with Saturn.  Chiron’s presence in the configuration brings compassion and the role of suffering into focus in our present dilemma. How have we sacrificed ourselves to others, in the name of love? How have we sacrificed others, in the name of love? A physically-held and emotionally palpable experience of separation from divine unity may be especially highlighted, though not easily recognized by the conscious self. It may appear as an irrational rage, the eruption of compulsive or addictive behaviors, a reflexive vindictiveness or profound sadness. Noticing such behaviors in ourselves will be difficult if we do not extend a great deal of compassion to ourselves and try to see the suffering which underlies it. Again, taking the standpoint of being with “what is” allows changes to be made, whereas rushing to judgment and condemnation will tend to obscure what can actually remedy the trouble or discord.

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Astrology provides unique insight into generative ways of working with and surrendering to the vast movements that are sweeping through the collective, asking all of us to respond in some way. This particular energy is prompting us to make a break with the past – and there are more and less skillful means of doing so, especially for those who are so into “making a break” that this chance to truly transform is squandered on bouncing from high to high without pausing to peer into the depths.

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I think of the senseless attempt to build heaven more securely by creating hell. The one region can never be shut off from the other. …I think: The only way to build anything resembling heaven, the only way to build ‘the beloved community,’ is to seek again and again not how to cast out but how to gather….” 
-Barbara Deming