“We have all heard people describe other people, in a derogatory way, as being ‘full of imagination.’ The fact is that if you are not full of imagination, you are not very sane.”  –Buckminster Fuller

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Real Imaginal Astrology Newsletter

Vol. 3, Issue# 1 – February 2017

Winter greetings

I hope this message finds you navigating the winds and waves of change in a sturdy ship built of able sail and willing hull.

In the Astro-Weather section below, I offer a few thoughts for your reflection on the current collective forces compressing and expanding us all.


Beginning today through March 31, 2017, I am conducting a Saturn Return Survey for select members of the generation with Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn, i.e., those born during various months of 1988 through 1990. The survey data will be used to help raise astrologers’ awareness of the needs and common experiences of those with the Capricorn stellium, so that astrologers can be better prepared to support this generation through an important life passage.

In thanks for participating in the survey, the first 15 respondents are eligible to receive a free 20-minute reading from me. Another 15 of the total remaining respondents will be drawn at random to receive a free 20-minute reading from me after the survey closes on March 31.

The survey is open to those born on the following dates:

Feb. 15, 1988 – May 26, 1988
Dec. 3, 1988 – Dec. 9, 1988
Nov. 12, 1988 – Jan. 21, 1989
Aug. 13, 1989 – Oct. 10, 1989

The reason for this restriction is that these charts have Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all in the sign of Capricorn, and Saturn is presently within 10 degrees of conjoining the natal Saturn. That means the individual will likely be experiencing some themes and movements in their life which are good indicators of key features of their Saturn return, which will begin in earnest (for most of them) in 2018.

Please email survey@realimaginal.com if you have any questions.

SF Bay Sunset by Joshua Halpern ecocourageous.com


In this section, I offer a small propitiation to the cosmic forces indicated by the planets, whose movements can be utilized rather like the hands of a clock. The clock does not cause it to be 7pm, a clock merely indicates what time it is, and likewise, the planets signify the quality of our time. We are free to embrace or to try to resist these qualities, and observe that it is our participation which brings actual events into being, even as these archetypal tendencies are most often enacted unconsciously. What might we try to notice in this current period? How might we try to creatively engage these qualities?


Dear Reader,
This mailing list goes out to people located all around the world. My intention with the following is to try to help you recognize how Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto can be impacting moods, perspectives and behavior so that you can get some distance from your own actions and the actions of others, and hopefully gain some helpful perspective. One of the magickal gifts of astrology is its critical perspective, opening the way for a more creative response. If we better recognize when we are being unreflective puppets of larger, archetypal patterns, we can realize that more options are available to us and know that we’re perhaps missing part of the story. We can stop ourselves and ask, What is my story, after all?

I would like to offer a space for you to reflect on your experience because archetypes don’t come with a moral compass—humans provide that part. This is a sometimes painful source of the great variation in the expression of planetary archetypes. And one of life’s baffling qualities is how we can all go through the same events and yet have completely different and sometimes contradictory experiences. I have found astrology to bring coherence and explanation to such variety—even though it does not excuse us from taking responsibility for our actions or our inaction, and its consequences. In that spirit, I also offer an astrologically-informed opinion concerning the consequence of our responses now, on the near future.


In early 2016, I began to consider the incoming Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto alignment (Nov. 2016 – Nov. 2017), which correlates throughout history to times of civil uprising and full-scale political revolutions as well as technological breakthroughs and scientific advancements.

From my early 2016 perspective, I imagined it as a time in which the human collective might be asked how it will respond to all the social ills which have been exposed during the preceding Saturn square Neptune alignment (Nov. 2014 – Sep. 2017). Will we close down in the fear, anxiety and experience of alienation and separation which can accompany Saturn-Neptune periods of time? Will we try to put all of our very complex problems into a simple-minded answer focused on some “unclean, invading” other—yet another problematic tendency of Saturn in contact with Neptune? Will we descend into confusion, unable to distinguish our hopes, dreams and ideals (Neptune) from the reality (Saturn) of our situation?

Or might we gather the true courage it takes to learn about what has been repressed, oppressed and damaged, and locate compassion as our best guide in asking difficult questions? Because Saturn-Neptune can also present as the ability to see through deception, into what is unspoken or used to manipulate and deceive.

Since humanity as a collective includes many diverse groups, cultures and subcultures with various lineages, histories and access to power (i.e., the ability to cause or prevent change), it is likely that we will notice a wide range of responses to the disruptive forces symbolized by the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto alignment.

However, it seems clear so far that Jupiter’s year-long conversation with the overarching collective influence of Uranus-Pluto (2008 – 2020) is one of magnifying Uranus-Pluto’s tendencies towards extremes, feeding its additional correlations to paranoia and grasping for some kind of stability in the midst of the unexpected or unpredictable. Jupiter correlates to excess, as much as to success. One of the litmus tests on whether our times will be successful or merely excessive resides in how we treat the most vulnerable among us, as we try to change or improve human social systems. Based on the world transits of the next five to six years, I prophesy that the more people try to establish “security” now at the expense of the vulnerable of this planet, the more that collective security will be undermined and ultimately lost.

In observing what has played out in political affairs since Jupiter joined up with Uranus square Pluto, another way I have thought of this alignment is as the lightning ripening of karma. Karma could be translated as “actions.”  So by this I would suggest that the trajectory of certain actions in the past which are working into the present are coming to fruition. Results are also more visible than usual.  This is not restricted to the social level (such as political) but also likely visible in examination of your personal life. Where might extremes or paranoia or resistance to chaos be entering into your life? How will you respond? Karma is not something “in the past” so much as what we are doing right now, and it makes a difference if our narrative is, for example, driven by fear or if it is rooted in love.

At the same time, it’s crucial to understand that not everyone shares the same range of choice within human societies—and empathy will correlate to Jupiter expressing as “success.” Because around the world, whole lives could be overturned by some caprice of authority with little to do but gather one’s family and community to weather the circumstances. It seems we are all being asked what our relationship is to that kind of regard for life: Does it create a sense of safety? Or a sense of danger? Many may share the experience of impersonal and distant forces impacting their lives, yet in radically different circumstances which will govern their response to those forces. And since this difference is ultimately what connects us to each other and to all things, it’s important to recognize the stress, nauseating levels of excitement, radical unpredictability and/or soaring enthusiasm within our communities which correlate to Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto’s pressure, its insistence that we open our eyes and our hearts.

Using archetypal terms, I might invoke the presence of the Moon, which represents the body and its support systems, from the 60 tons of cosmic dust that sprinkle the Earth each day, to the rivers of groundwater flowing underground, to the rivers of influence flowing to us from past and future ancestors. The Moon describes where we are most vulnerable, explaining to us that we are not alone in this life, which for some is terrifying and for others a great comfort.  Wherever you fall on that spectrum, the Moon signifies that we are able to care for others and to receive care from others and to express this care in many different ways which are appropriate to the circumstance. For example, interfering with human rights violations may not seem like care from the perspective of those committing the violations, but ultimately it is. Such interference can represent efforts towards restoring the dignity and humanity of the violator, right alongside the dignity and personhood of those who are being trampled.

Continuing with the invocation of the Moon, neuroscience affirms that physical proximity and physical touch are important to feelings of well-being, care and connection, something important to remember in our increasingly disembodied digital age. Modern societies often turn to Mercury – the mind, communication, information, speech – to attempt to solve problems. But this tendency, especially in tandem with physical or emotional isolation, can feed our social fears, aggression and anxieties, and cause problems to spiral. So, however the extremities of our times may be impacting you, don’t neglect the Moon if you can help it. I pray you be surrounded by a community of care and support.

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If we are to have peace on earth…we must develop a world perspective.” 
-Martin Luther King, Jr.