“We have all heard people describe other people, in a derogatory way, as being ‘full of imagination.’ The fact is that if you are not full of imagination, you are not very sane.”  –Buckminster Fuller

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Real Imaginal Astrology Newsletter

Vol. 1, Issue# 1 – March 2015

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the first newsletter of my astrology practice, Real Imaginal! I will periodically send news of my practice along with an astrological weather report, no more than once per month.

Please feel free to share it with those who might be interested!


2015 has gotten off to a great start, with many new clients and lots of referrals—take note: one paid referral results in a free reading for you! Thank you to everyone who is connecting me with such wonderful people to work with.

On April 1, I am raising my initial consultation fee from $90 to $108 for a 90-minute natal chart and transits analysis; $75 for a six-month follow-up; and $90 for an annual follow-up. I will continue to offer a student rate of $75, and a sliding scale of $65 to $108 for those born with the Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction (born February through June 1988, and December 1988 through December 1990), as well as for residents of the Anderson Valley and adjacent areas in Mendocino County, California.

My Soul-oriented practice is rooted in the archetypal astrological tradition taught by Richard Tarnas and enriched by the practices and perspectives of ecopsychology, which understands that the individual psyche emerges from the greater intelligence of the Earth itself. Astrology skillfully illuminates the larger mythic dimensions which animate our individual and collective lives, and opens avenues of access and engagement with those mythic and often hidden or obscured dimensions.

Schedule a reading to

  • Uncover and navigate your inner resources, challenges and potentials for personal development
  • Transform psychological liabilities into assets, developing more of your personality
  • Deepen and enhance your relationships with family and intimates
  • Learn more about your particular soul’s call to service and your search for meaning in this world
  • Explore how to cooperate with and influence the energies and forces presently shaping your life



Join me on MARCH 26, 2015 at 7:30pm for an interactive discussion


Hosted by the San Francisco Astrological Society

The Women’s Building at 3543 – 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

A review of the literature on Moon-Pluto and Scorpio Moon reveals the difficulty which mainstream culture has with the emotional dimensions of existence. While this combination can certainly correlate with tragedy, especially in childhood, it also symbolizes a depth of psychological understanding. We will re-vision the Plutonic/Scorpionic Moon in order to understand how difficult emotions can be dishonored and discarded, to our own detriment, and how difficult emotions can become a source of wisdom and guidance, to everyone’s benefit. Learn practical techniques for metabolizing challenging emotions, compassionately cultivating emotional intelligence, and envision the Moon and Pluto in a different light.


On December 4, 2014, I was invited to present to Coniunctio, the astrology club at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Here is a link to a video of my presentation:

Forging the Real Imaginal: The Re-Enchantment of Neptune

Description: “It may be hard to believe, but the archetype of Neptune is REAL! Yet Neptune can be deeply misunderstood and poorly utilized due to the disenchanted scientific portrayal of the cosmos as fundamentally dead, mechanical and without its own meaning or purpose. We will explore both the difficult and the infinitely creative potentials of Neptune from within an enchanted perspective, in which people can co-create meaning, purpose and context with the consciousness of the cosmos. We will honor the current Saturn square Neptune alignment by considering the importance of curiosity, psychic hygiene, community, and healthy boundaries to the productive engagement of the Neptunian, a realm begging for our self-reflection.”


In this section, I offer a small propitiation to the cosmic forces indicated by the planets, whose movements can be utilized rather like the hands of a clock. The clock does not cause it to be 7pm, a clock merely indicates what time it is, and likewise, the planets signify the quality of our time. We are free to embrace or to try to resist these qualities, and observe that it is our participation which brings actual events into being, even as these archetypal tendencies are most often enacted unconsciously. What might we try to notice in this current period? How might we try to creatively engage these qualities?



Let’s consider some of what has been happening in the world, such as the revelation of that which has been hidden, that which has been suppressed; abuses of power, and the rise of a new power, a potent force for change, taking stands for human rights; and in the United States, a new and perhaps overdue questioning of the militarization of civilian police forces, a call for new ways of “protecting the peace” and an inquiry into what that even means.

Such sweeping cultural changes are indicated by the planet Uranus—which represents change—in a square (90° angle) with the planet Pluto—which represents titanic evolutionary force—since 2007 and with us all the way to 2020, promising disruption not only in the political sphere, but in our personal lives.

As much as we are called to participate in liberation, freedom and justice for all—for as the activist and leader Fannie Lou Hamer famously said during the U.S. Civil Rights movement of the 1960s and 70s, when Uranus was in a conjunction (0° angle) with Pluto: “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free”—we may also be asked to take a good, hard look at what is happening in our own personal lives. What parts of ourselves have we denied or suppressed, whether we really “like” those parts of ourselves, or whether they really “like” us?   Who in our relational systems—familial, social, cultural, political—has been hidden, denied a voice, overlooked?

Uranus-Pluto offers not only a chance to see what was previously obscured, to see what needs love and attention, but to also get beyond the difficulty, to find a way forward which is beneficial to all, perhaps to even evolve into a more mature version of ourselves—depending on whether we respond from our resources of health and presence, or react out of old wounds and old stories. Uranus-Pluto energy itself tends towards rebellion, towards overthrowing of “old regimes,” and it seems to require a lot of courage—a lot of heart—to summon the creativity which emerges from mature vulnerability, from a willingness to be present to the hard parts of our life on this beautiful planet, and allow ourselves to also be transformed in the encounter.


The planet of imagination, dreams, spiritual unity, infinite potential—Neptune—is forming a square with Saturn—the planet of this material world, necessity, boundaries, finite limits—from now until mid-2017, bringing with it an even greater capacity to see “shadow,” to see through illusion or deception and self-deception, to make the ideal more real. This combination can support a break with codependent relational patterns, but only if we are willing to face some painful truths about our own participation in and perpetuation of those patterns. How have we made our well-being dependent upon the (perceived) well-being of others? How have we then acted to create unhealthy dependencies in those others or in ourselves? Use this time wisely, and grasp the opportunity to more clearly see how to act with compassionwhich means to suffer with, not to suffer for another. Compassion is a connective force which preserves each being’s autonomy and encourages true flourishing and interdependent relationships in which we support one another’s wholeness, rather than negating or consuming another’s identity as our own. Let us be gentle with ourselves in this process of unveiling what has been hidden, for we just may experience the revelation of the divine on this planet, which lives not only in that which we deem “pretty” or “nice,” because that which is experienced as a loss or a death (Saturn) can bring life to our greatest potentials.

In honor of this current Saturn-Neptune transit, I offer up the idea that boundaries are not what divide us or separate us; they are what connect us. Boundaries (Saturn) are what connect us (Neptune). And as such, we should tend to our boundaries, nourish them, protect them, state them, and honor them for the abundant creativity within love, which they represent.


Not only is Neptune square dancing with Saturn, but so is Jupiter (the planet of luck and success) partnering up with Saturn (the planet of limits and reality) to ask us to keep our feet on the ground as we reach for the sky, to be sure our ambition matches our capacities, as this combination rewards realistic expectations and timelines. Duly honored, Jupiter-Saturn will grant lasting success, real success; our hard work can pay off. Overreaching, overestimating and indulging escapist tendencies or magical thinking can result in a very hard fall.

Jupiter and Saturn have been swinging in and out of direct contact since October 2014 and contiues through July 2015, when Jupiter begins to form a 180° angle (opposition) to Neptune in the sky, creating what is called a T-square formation between the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune until June 2016. Various long-term life goals and plans meant to support our aspirations towards growth—whether we are stabilizing existing strategies or launching new ones—could be severely tested. Allow patience to guide your responses to blockades or difficulties, in order to reflect on what those blockades may be communicating, so that you can change course with greater consciousness and choice, rather than reacting or sulking, which will do more to deny achieving your goals than will squaring off with realities, however unpleasant. If you are building your castles in the sky, be sure to attend to the foundations first.

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“It is better to do your own duty, however imperfectly, than to assume the duties of another person, however successfully. Prefer to die doing your duties: the duties of another will bring you into spiritual danger.”

   —Bhagavad Gita