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Our week opens with the Sun awkwardly squaring eccentric Chiron (Dec. 19) and fluidly trining the even more eccentric Uranus (Dec. 20), which could offer us a glimpse of painful obstacles that make it hard to tap into and offer our creative gifts. Sun trine Uranus is nice for creative openings, inspiration and fresh insights but Chiron’s square may place a few hurdles in our way. Beliefs around scarcity and abundance may be particularly present, but our own natal placement of Chiron (where Chiron is located in our birth chart) may also indicate the nature of impediments. It is hard if not impossible to just power on past what Chiron wants us to look at, but the good news is that it is possible that Uranus can lend a helping hand of a fresh approach to an old problem. Start exactly where you are (instead of wishing you were in that ideal place where the creative flow is happening) and focus on honoring and addressing the obstacle and you may get some surprisingly good results!

This is happening as we are wending our way towards the Solstice point of 0° Capricorn (Dec. 21), signaling winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere. The longest night of the north, the longest day of the south sets the stage for the Cancer Full Moon on Dec. 22 at 9:49am US/Pacific. The Sun and the Moon are teetering on the edge of Capricorn/Cancer and this face-off of conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) seems to highlight interpersonal responsibility and the ethic of care. The Moon in Cancer is already very emotional, bringing us in touch with the instinctual response of the child. But Full Moons are particularly charged up as the Sun forms a dynamic relationship with the emotional self that draws forth or expresses feelings, repressed or hidden aspects of the self and the environment which (usually invisible) supports you.

Horoscope of the 2018 Cancer Full Moon

Even though irritable Mars’ tense square aspect to the Full Moon is not very close, it can offer a poke or a prod that will get the ball rolling. With Chiron so close by, care of the self (Cancer) and the responsibility towards the other (Capricorn) may be churning under the pressure to act and indecision on what to do—or the nature of our actions could come under scrutiny. Are we caring enough for those we’re responsible to? Is it just to make us look good, which means that our actions are not properly tied to results or consequences or—heaven forbid—the desires or needs of the others we (pretend to) serve?

As the Moon’s nodes are currently sweeping through Cancer (North Node) and Capricorn (South Node) from Nov. 2018 until May 2020, I notice an emerging discourse of criticism of the philanthropy of corporations and the wealthy, particularly of those based in the United States. Several books have been published which point to the wealthy’s failure to contribute to the tax base of a (theoretically) democratic system of governance while funneling large sums of money to ideas and institutions that are not democratically decided or governed. The results of these efforts are not always beneficial and reflect and can even reinforce structural inequity. (NB: In the United States, certain charitable contributions result in lower taxes.) Such disconnects between an ethic of care and interpersonal responsibility will possibly echo through our own lives, with this Cancer Full Moon providing a sort of catalyst.

In other news, we have Mercury conjoining Jupiter (exact Dec. 21) and squaring Neptune (exact Dec. 24), giving us an opportunity to inquire into how we can bring out the most juicy, generative, creative and buoyant potential of the Jupiter square Neptune world transit (now through Dec 2019). This is an excellent influence for using intuitive means of inquiry—e.g., writing stream of consciousness, using tarot or other divinatory systems, turning on your favorite music and tuning into your body’s movements and gestures, creating collages, or using systemic constellations processes. As I’ve written previously of some of the potential of Jupiter square Neptune, how would we like to heal our relationship to belief itself? Or how would we like to ground our spiritual aspirations into true service to others? Let ourselves be free to get in touch with what WE want to serve—not the whole host of “shoulds” and “this will make me a Good Person” and other social pressures. When we solicit and enact our Soul’s desire, it not only feeds us, it will meet a genuine need in the world, one that we would not even be able to guess at.

On the other side of this Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune transit, look out for being overly optimistic and overestimating your capacities, and being way too sloppy with details. We might instead indulge in works of beauty, immersions in favorite natural settings, asking the Dreamtime to send us important dreams and listening for and recording those dreams. This is an excellent period of time for working with dreams from our sleeping worlds, as well as from our waking worlds. If you are gathering with family over the holidays, be aware of the desire to slip into or communicate a kind of fantasy land. On the one hand, this can be wonderful for healthy childlike wonder and entering into play with children (both inner and outer!) On the other hand, this could create a problematic dynamic if others are wanting to “be real” about something. We may find a generative way through conflicts about “fantasy” and “reality” by acknowledging there are no simplistic answers to complex issues, especially those that have a long history.

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