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Double-headed axe of the Goddess of the Minoan civilization

Within the Opposites: Gemini Full Moon of Nov. 2018

***Check out Real Imaginal Daily Divinations on Instagram!*** Following is an ode to the potentials within the Gemini Full Moon of 2018 (Nov. 22 at 9:39pm US/Pacific). I write you as I return from a journey to the underworld catacombs to retrieve the lost ancestors, forgotten and excluded ancestors, the neglected ancestors…a journey of giving thanks to both the destructive and the creative aspects of those who gave me this existence. For how hard it is to fully appreciate the gifts our ancestors have given us. So many of those gifts can appear to be curses, ugly and unwanted. But held with care, under a sustained gaze and a willingness to suffer the deformities of time, even the unwanted offers strength to the kind of life we aspire to live. The 2018 Full Moon in Gemini speaks to us of the delusions of force and the pitfalls of overconfidence. The sword of the mind and its desire to create sharp distinctions and to banish shadows becomes dangerous within the flux of kairos—the melting away of …