Double-headed axe of the Goddess of the Minoan civilization

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Following is an ode to the potentials within the Gemini Full Moon of 2018 (Nov. 22 at 9:39pm US/Pacific).

I write you as I return from a journey to the underworld catacombs to retrieve the lost ancestors, forgotten and excluded ancestors, the neglected ancestors…a journey of giving thanks to both the destructive and the creative aspects of those who gave me this existence. For how hard it is to fully appreciate the gifts our ancestors have given us. So many of those gifts can appear to be curses, ugly and unwanted. But held with care, under a sustained gaze and a willingness to suffer the deformities of time, even the unwanted offers strength to the kind of life we aspire to live.

The 2018 Full Moon in Gemini speaks to us of the delusions of force and the pitfalls of overconfidence. The sword of the mind and its desire to create sharp distinctions and to banish shadows becomes dangerous within the flux of kairos—the melting away of all that seems to be so permanent and everlasting. We are challenged to release our desire for clarity in the conventional sense and step into more murky waters, tempting us with both terror and trust. Stepping off into the murk offers is no guarantee of failure and no guarantee of success. There is only guarantee of the need to submit to the adventure of learning how to care—with an edge. The edges of learning, which are filled with awkwardness and confusion. The edges of desire, which seem to both guide and betray us. The edges of the traumatic, which lives within all of us in varieties both personal and transpersonal. The edges of resilience, which cope with the bottomless well of suffering in this world and what of it may be our personal lot to bear.

2018 Gemini Full Moon horoscope
2018 Gemini Full Moon

This is not to be too gloomy, not at all. “To bear” has many meanings—to bear children, to bear witness, to bear up and into this world. The poet Mary Oliver says that there is only one question: how to love this world? What does it mean to genuinely give thanks for EVERYTHING which led to this present moment? That which enabled you to even read this sentence, to breathe life and to feel and to serve that which you love? The Gemini Full Moon of 2018 suggests something that may be counter-intuitive to a sword-like mind that wants a world of black-and-white choices and simple oppositions of Good and Evil.

Easy, clear-cut reasoning may deceive us into thinking we have found safety and certainty and high moral ground. Instead, this Full Moon beckons us to swim in the murky waters of our relatedness and connections to all things. Swimming with trust and with fear—that is, with courage—towards genuine awareness of and sincere gratitude for our complicated past, because all of that history and ancestry gives birth to our present moment. Because this kind of gratitude will grant us our freedom. Freedom to enact more of the truth of who we really are and to return to our ancestors that which belongs to them. Ignorance of the past holds us in its chains and will restrict the ability to care along all of the edges of our present time. Despising the past also has a way of binding us to it and leads us to carry who and what we hate as a burden. It is as if we would become walking zombies of the past, with its misdeeds and confusion and suffering continuing to live on through us.

Of course, no one can simply leap into such waters and expect all to be resolved in one day. The Earth has been in formation for 4.5 billion years. The murk is real. So is the pain. And so is the joy of freedom from burdens which are not ours to carry. Even the past can heave a sigh of relief, freed from a twisted relationship to the present, freed to form wisdom and strength for our struggles and our successes of today. This can seem impossible and even unethical or taboo—but the Gemini Moon would wed itself to the Sagittarius Sun in these ways, according to the cosmic clock which these days churns us all from its most hidden depths.


Key dates for Venus retrograde:
Sept. 3, 2018 – Venus enters shadow 25° Libra
Oct. 5, 2018 – Venus stations retrograde 10° Scorpio
Nov. 16, 2018 – Venus stations direct 25° Libra
Dec. 16, 2018 – Venus exits shadow 10° Scorpio

Key dates for Mercury retrograde:
Oct. 28, 2018 – Mercury enters shadow 27° Scorpio
Nov. 16, 2018 – Mercury stations retrograde 13° Sagittarius
Dec. 6, 2018 – Mercury stations direct 27° Scorpio
Dec. 24, 2018 – Mercury exits shadow 13° Sagittarius

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