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with much love and blessings on your wholeness, health and well-being under the Gemini Full Moon,

“We are not lacking in the dynamic forces needed to create the future.  We live immersed in a sea of energy beyond all comprehension.  But this energy, in an ultimate sense, is ours not by domination but by invocation.” -Thomas Berry

On Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 12:44pm Pacific time, the Moon will conjoin the Sun at 4°47” of Gemini. The New Moon is traditionally conceived of as a time to set intentions for a new cycle of growth, with the following Full Moon (June 9) as a good time to reflect on your intentions and how they have manifested or not.

This Gemini New Moon can offer us a potent window into reconciling the apparent opposites in our lives. Are multiple aims and goals which you feel drawn toward actually in opposition to each other, or perhaps in opposition to the expression of your Soul? Perhaps if you look closely, you will see that what feel like conflicting goals aren’t so much in conflict as requiring patience, endurance, sustained attention and the measured expense of energy. Or a closer look might show that you are living on the surface of life and wearing yourself thin by refusing Soul’s demands to focus attention and energy in particular areas.

Going one level deeper into this lunation, we might consider how the Mars-Saturn opposition of this New Moon relates to “mechanical breakdown” via a split between self-concept and who we truly are. Our self-concept may be colliding with the true nature of reality.  If we regard nature and the physical world in mechanical terms, living through that metaphor can indeed lead to a breakdown. The body as machine results in the alienation of feeling, emotion and Soul, creating inner conflict and confusion, cutting us off from the source of our values and ethics, severing one of the most basic connections to a sense of having our own choices. In this way, our thoughts and ideas become divorced from our daily acts.

Are there ways that you could more fully embody your values and principles? Mars-Saturn can be devoted action and a mature passion, being so humble as to truly belong to the whole and to know how to foster life. Examine your actions not from a place of value judgment (is this good or bad?) but more with an objective eye. What is happening, first of all? Desires and repulsions—all based on our ideas of what should be or how it is supposed to be—will interfere with being present to what you are actually doing in your life.

Looking to Chiron’s T-square aspect with the Mars-Saturn opposition, we might consider ways of healing the mind-body split in our lives. For industrialized societies, this is a deep, deep wound which shows itself in things such as the poisoning of air and waters, since our ideas about the body (Earth) have been given primacy over presence to the needs of that body. Small daily acts towards honoring the body, even as simple as saying “thank you,” could accumulate through the Full Moon of June 9. Don’t burden yourself with too much too soon, as Mars-Saturn asks for a long-term commitment, small steps which build up over time and pay off as you play a long game with a greater return. An intensive focus may look noble, but tends not to endure because such intensity cannot be sustained in the day-to-day. When changes aren’t incremental and slowly integrated, they can’t get to the roots of daily habits.

Another striking feature of this New Moon in Gemini is the exact square between Venus and Pluto, both of which make an exact semisquare (45°) and sesquisquare (135°) to the New Moon, respectively. It calls to mind some words attributed to the Buddha: “If you love, you will know that everything begins and everything ends, and there is a time for beginning and there is a time for ending…one is not in despair, one simply understands, and thanks the other: ‘You gave me so many beautiful gifts….'”  Endings are bound with beginnings. We might consider that we can honor what is passing away through our grief. Whether that is an ideal, a way of being in community, an image we had of ourselves or an intimate relationship, we might allow ourselves to experience the power of love to transform us through its cycles of beginnings and endings.

As we integrate the experiences of the Venus retrograde period which just wrapped up, the Gemini New Moon presents an opportunity to plant our intentions to move into a deeper relationship with our beloved communities of life, our partners and lovers, our colleagues—and our own bodies. How can we allow things to change? How can we cooperate with those changes? Not just in words, but in our deeds.

May your mind celebrate a blessed reunion with your body under this New Moon.