Jupiter is stationing direct (July 10) in the middle of Scorpio, signaling to us that it is time to move forward with our plan to relinquish our attachment to plans and allow growth to emerge from our unawareness, from our disorientation, from our sudden exposure to truths which eclipse our small desires.

When Venus sauntered into Virgo on July 9, she met in a Grand Earth Trine with Saturn and Uranus (exact July 11 – 13), and offered up a prayer to wholeness that’s based on our fragmentation and all the gaps between the beauty-drenched potential of humanity and the freighted truth of history. Virgo sees what is missing by virtue of knowing the perfection hidden inside of the labyrinth we must each traverse by some golden mean, some secret formula hidden within our history and our wounding and our imperfection. Turning Venus in Virgo towards a constructive and loving appraisal of the road that carries us towards – or at least circumambulates – wholeness is one way to find the center in the eye of the storm, or a guiding principle of balance. Her aesthetic may be sharp and crisp and perhaps strict to some, but it’s a matter of allowing oneself to be undone, unbuttoned and unlaced long enough to truly see into the deeps. The deeps of you. Your relationships. Your past. Your enormous potential.

As Menachem Mendel advises us, “There’s nothing so whole as a broken heart.” It is rigidity and addiction to absolute perfection—a pitfall of the sign of Virgo—perfection of a deadly Saturnian kind that renders life intolerably violent, because it imagines the extinction of the undesirable. The difficult and the ugly and the unwanted don’t seem to exist in spite of wholeness, but rather appear to be a crucial part of wholeness. How shall we hold those things? In ourselves? Our families? Our communities? The entire Earth Community? which thrives on the interplay of life and death, grief and praise, suffering and gratitude.

This month’s New Moon in Cancer on July 12 at 7:46pm US/Pacific asks us if we can let ourselves be broken open. Its exact opposition with Pluto, lord of the Underworld instructs us: Let go of the sentimentality you have about the past! That prison of “fond memories” (whether fond or actually gruesome) whose shapes distort the reality of this present moment, this moment that needs our presence, our vulnerability, our release from the lie of being either guilty or innocent, endangered or secure, whole or fragmented…and begs us to take the courageous plunge into humility.

For this is how the unknown can step forth out of the shadows of our unawareness and take hold of us with a mighty grip. Fear is one response to touching the immensity of our being…and it has been said that we humans should never cross such a threshold unless we are afraid. For a lack fear would mean that we are too naive about what is happening, that we are unprepared for such a revelation. And yet, along with fear, trust is another possible response. This New Moon forms a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter and Neptune, and says it is possible to know how much you truly are loved—just by virtue of being alive, without ever having had to earn it or “deserve” it. It is possible to know that the divine loves you so much that he/she/they/it helped to create you. You. Exactly as you are. Imperfect or perfect.

In honor of this New Moon in Cancer, I share a devastatingly beautiful cinematic meditation on life and death in our particular moment called “Albatross.” Written, directed and edited by internationally acclaimed artist Chris Jordan, it is definitely much more than “just another depressing film about crises on the planet now.” I note how the artist has preserved the dignity of these creatures, and allowed them to be wild, allowed that death is a part of life, that the planet actually doesn’t perform to our expectations. And while Chris reveals the tragedy we humans are creating…he doesn’t center the lives of albatrosses on humans and our needs or our “guilt” or “innocence.” He doesn’t make a spectacle of a very real disaster, but does something so much greater…please, I urge you to see for yourself. Take in this amazing piece of devotional art, a wonderful gesture towards this Plutonic New Moon in Cancer. But viewer, dear viewer, be prepared to touch into The Grief of this being human, these endless days of love that are brought into focus in the most trying ways.

ALBATROSS, streaming free online here.



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