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August is slowly bringing in a breath of fresh air to the birthing process of 2019. The principle of mind and communication, Mercury, is moving away from their very potent and problematic retrograde. And the hope, expansion and joy of Jupiter returning to direct motion (Aug. 11) brings a needed boost of positive, supportive energy. This past Mercury retrograde (Jun. 19 – Aug. 14) provided a frustrating, demanding or perhaps simply potent viewpoint on our particular role in our planet’s transitional times. For many there has been a heightened experience of being trapped within the larger forces of history, and being forced to cope with the transformation of social institutions and conventions. All of the shortcomings or failures may have felt oppressively close. Some of us bear witness, some of us bear direct consequences and some of us want to look away from overwhelming pressures bearing down on us.

It could be very useful to reflect on how we have responded to any events that boiled over in our lives or communities during this past Mercury retrograde. Where did we shine, succeed, stretch ourselves and reach towards greater health and wholeness? Where did we fall short? The failures may be more important than the successes, for instructing us about our path forward. And maybe we can’t do everything all alone. A prophecy attributed to elders of the Hopi nation said of this time of purification: “See who is in [the river] with you and celebrate.” The river which is flowing fast now, is the intensification (Pluto) of our collective and individual karma (Saturn). And it is asking us to recognize cause and effect in our lives.

The celebration of being in the river together is underscored by the Aquarius Full Moon on August 15 at 5:30am US/Pacific. This Full Moon makes the planet of love, connection and social currency—Venus—integral to the spotlight placed on our Aquarian intellectual ideals about freedom, progress and innovation. The Leo Sun-Venus is asking us how we are showing up—and whether or not we are just showing off. Leo can certainly be both—the desire to be visible as a leader for The Good, and the desire to receive a lot of ego stroking. Displays of bravery or courage that are not backed by the quest for maturity, deep relationality and real responsibility (no more and no less than what is ours to do) will not serve us well as we move closer towards the climax of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (exact Jan. 12, 2020).

The very end of the shadow of Mercury’s retrograde brings a harsh square aspect between communicative Mercury and the planet of rebellion, Uranus (exact Aug. 16). This infuses the atmosphere with extra Trickster energy, and a rush to proclaim one’s freedom or difference or will. But simple-minded rebellion is far from helpful in our times. What vision do we wish to enact? What is the more beautiful world we feel emerging within us, despite all the indications against it in the world? Living a loving future into existence is the very, very hard work that Saturn-Pluto points us towards. Not despising others, or wishing ill upon anyone, which only compounds the suffering and often presents a self-defeating distraction. This choice is happening in our individual lives, not just on the world stage.

Jupiter’s square to visionary Neptune (Nov. 2018–Nov. 2019) means that we must be willing to see beyond our own times, that our wildest dreams can also pass through the portal of birth contraction represented by Saturn-Pluto. These are healing times, if we summon the compassion and the courage to show up for it. Even the plants are trying so hard to reach out to us! For example, several initiatives to decriminalize plant medicines (entheogens) have passed or are underway in cities around the United States. The plants are reaching out to us—do we see them? And do we see our beloveds? They are all in this river with us, too! Can we see each other? It is time to be mindful of the very good news that we are not swimming all alone.

Civilis Forced to Dismount and Swim Across the River (Antonio Tempesta); inset with Death with Old Woman (Wenceslaus Hollar)

Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius: Getting some distance

We’re anticipating the Aquarius New Moon as messenger Mercury makes their superior conjunction to the Sun, marking their farthest distance from the Earth—and appropriately enough in the otherworldly sign of Aquarius (exact Jan. 29). Later this week, Mercury will then appear as an evening star right after sunset, as they follow the Sun down into the underworld each night. We may receive some benefits of being able to take a more objective stance and to distance ourselves from relational entanglements to get better perspective, whether that’s in our business, intimate or family dealings.

Mars square Pluto: Do not bypass emotions to collect $100

Beware of bypassing difficult emotions, though, as energetic Mars makes his square to not-messing-about Pluto (exact Feb. 1) and adds quite a bit of energy to our desire to have some control, to be in the driver’s seat, or to reach a particular goal. It will be more helpful to know WHY we are angry or frustrated rather than pretending it doesn’t matter that we’re angry or frustrated. This is definitely a week for touching into our ambitions and examine whether these are connected to our long-term goals or if we’re getting caught up in distractions. Action-oriented Mars has just been squaring slow-it-down Saturn for much of the past month, accentuating the reality that this year, the quicker inner planets will be aspecting those two heavy hitters—Saturn and Pluto—one right after the other.

Triggering Transits: Who’s knocking at our door?

When faster moving inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus) form aspects to outer planetary alignments, such as Saturn-Pluto, they can function to trigger events within the longer narrative of that combination. Depending on the role of Mars in your personal natal chart, and how Saturn-Pluto is transiting your natal chart, these triggering transits can shed light on or mark beginnings and endings related to this dominating force of 2018–2021. Current correlations to Mars’ activity with Saturn-Pluto seem particularly important given the 2020 Mars retrograde in Aries which will be squaring Saturn-Pluto for the second half of 2020. Take heed of what’s happening in your life now with regard to your goal orientation, what you desire to serve, what you are drawn to protect and your sense of boundaries. This will provide a preview of some of 2020’s (significant) demands. Again, your personal natal placements will tell you much more about this dynamic and how it may unfold.

Saturn sextile Neptune: Stabilizers on hand

Reality Checker Saturn makes a helpful sextile to Dream Maker Neptune (exact Jan. 31), the first of three sextiles happening between now and Nov. 2019. This is such a welcome grounding influence to complement the potentially inflating Jupiter square Neptune of this same time period. On the one hand, we need a bit of grandiosity to transcend old stories that limit our living, and limit the possibilities of right relationship in our societies—on the other hand, we need to remain in contact with our deep relatedness to all things, so that the new story emerges from the old instead of pretending the past no longer matters. The “real” of Saturn more harmoniously blends with the “ideal” of Neptune under these skies (as mentioned elsewhere), along with the stress, strife and upheaval we must also contend with. The potential here, though, is of bringing some stabilizing influence to our dreams—whether those are hopeful responses to crises, or the stuff of helpless nightmares.

2019 Aquarius New Moon horoscope
2019 Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius New Moon: Leaving the comfort zone

Also this week, sexy Venus enters the sign of somewhat reserved and cool Capricorn (Feb. 3) and she’s just in time to make an exact, challenging semisquare aspect to the Aquarius New Moon of Feb. 4 at 1:03pm US/Pacific. This will represent a bit of a change in the festive mood of Venus in Sagittarius (Jan. 7 – Feb. 3) to a more somber, cautious and loyalty-oriented approach to making connections, friendships and exchanging energy. Her aspect to the Aquarius New Moon encourages considerations of any contradictions between wanting so much to be liked or to belong to a group, and our sense of identity. Are we stretching ourselves out of our authentic shape in order to “fit in?” Discomfort with such stretching could emerge as the Moon takes up her waxing phase over the next two weeks. The approaching Mars square Pluto may push us to take on any inner or outer bullies and also step out of our comfort zone around “being liked” versus “being ourselves.”

Erica Jones profile photo, Mount Diablo

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Sunset, ferries, Ferris wheel, Olympic Mountains from Seattle waterfront

Welcome to the first week of 2019 and the onset of regular contractions in the birthing process of the larger Saturn-Pluto story of 2018–2021. The birth pangs that began in 2017 and quickened in 2018 will be taking greater shape in personal and collective lives. The week has a somewhat somber or leaden beginning with the Sun spotlighting depressive Saturn (exact conjunction Jan. 1), bringing loose ends, insecurities, insufficiencies and a feeling of lack or loss into awareness. Saturn likes to think of himself as The Real Reality™? but can often bring paralyzing distortions through an overly negative or pessimistic outlook. It can be helpful to step back from the way we are framing our “problems” and notice whether the way we think about them creates a dead end where there may in fact be a great way forward. The fresh start of desirous Mars’ recent entry into impulsive Aries (Dec. 31 – Feb. 14) will benefit from having a direction that is informed by a sense of history, responsibility and even duty—both to ourselves and to others. Resist compromising and rather let the internal pressure that builds shape new responses and new perspectives.

The emissary of our thinking mind, Mercury will make a helpful trine to innovating Uranus (exact Jan. 3) as the centering power of the Sun forms a supportive sextile aspect to Dream Maker Neptune (exact Jan. 4). These two influences can bring an assist to any struggle between “the new” and “the old” that may be churning within. These two days offer us a quick liminal or in-between space to waver and tremble in before Mercury enters Capricorn (Jan. 4 – Jan. 23) and turns our thoughts towards the more practical side of life. Dreamers must become doers in these times of mass planetary change and that means not dumping your Soul’s desires and its part in the dream of the Earth for the illusion of safety or control.

Along those lines, trickster Uranus has been quite busy overturning all the apple carts labeled “safety” and “stability” and it is a good use of Uranus’ direct station (Jan. 6) to reflect on how Uranus has transited your chart since entering Aries in May 2010. How has your life been altered according to the topics of the house(s) which Uranus transited, as well as Uranus’ transits to your personal planets? Uranus pushes us towards expression of our unique qualities and gifts—things that no other organism in Earth Community has and which Earth Community needs in order to flourish and creatively respond to the ceaseless motions of life’s unfolding. Whereas most of us have an understandable desire for things to be reliable, predictable, and what-is-known—when this keeps us from blossoming and sharing our nectar with others, Uranus will rattle our cage. Uranus will leave Aries for good this year, and their Jan. 6 station to direct motion may correspond to some validation of the changes it has brought over the last nine years—which can be exciting! and terrifying! and liberating! and all of the above.

Capricorn New Moon 2019 horoscope

Which brings us to the partial eclipse on the Capricorn New Moon of Jan. 5, 2019 at 5:28pm US/Pacific. This is the opening eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn series which will run through July 2020. Since this New Moon falls at the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we may receive a preview of what Saturn-Pluto holds for the year ahead and it makes a difference whether we identify as a victim of or as an active participant in the upheaval and evolution of our life and times.

This is not to dismiss any real victimization that is happening but more to highlight the importance of holding our own vision of a more beautiful world and acting from that place. And given that we have far less control over much of our circumstances than we would probably like, it makes a difference if we act from the parts of us that do have some choice, some influence, some ability to create in the midst of what can feel like (and may actually be) a fairly despairing situation. The insightful author of the book Emergent Strategy, adrienne maree brown, composed the following mantras and they are so fitting to the tone of this year: “I am no victim of life; I shape change. We are not victims of circumstance; we shape change.” “I am a microcosm of all the possible justice, liberation, pleasure and honesty in the universe, and I act accordingly.” “I remember that I exist only in relationship to other people and systems.”

Here are some thought-provoking ideas around intentions you might place within this New Moon, to carry into the intensity of Saturn-Pluto’s 2019 landscape and its strange need to change us:
• Bring in other major transits of 2019, Jupiter square Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune and open to healing our relationship to belief itself.
• Reflect on your desire to be an individual Sun, a shining star (Leo) and how that was impacted by the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle. Then reflect on your aspirations to belong to a whole, to the family of life (Cancer) and how your Sun, your shining star can contribute to nourishing the whole (including Self).
• Dream deeply. Go to the source within you. How do you want to live your values and be accountable to yourself, your Dream and your communities?
• How do you want to contribute to the healing and repair of our world? The significance is in your inspired connection to and passion for the task—not in its relative merits or valuation by others or by society.

View of San Francisco from Alcatraz Island / image by Joshua Halpern ::

Our week opens with the Sun awkwardly squaring eccentric Chiron (Dec. 19) and fluidly trining the even more eccentric Uranus (Dec. 20), which could offer us a glimpse of painful obstacles that make it hard to tap into and offer our creative gifts. Sun trine Uranus is nice for creative openings, inspiration and fresh insights but Chiron’s square may place a few hurdles in our way. Beliefs around scarcity and abundance may be particularly present, but our own natal placement of Chiron (where Chiron is located in our birth chart) may also indicate the nature of impediments. It is hard if not impossible to just power on past what Chiron wants us to look at, but the good news is that it is possible that Uranus can lend a helping hand of a fresh approach to an old problem. Start exactly where you are (instead of wishing you were in that ideal place where the creative flow is happening) and focus on honoring and addressing the obstacle and you may get some surprisingly good results!

This is happening as we are wending our way towards the Solstice point of 0° Capricorn (Dec. 21), signaling winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere. The longest night of the north, the longest day of the south sets the stage for the Cancer Full Moon on Dec. 22 at 9:49am US/Pacific. The Sun and the Moon are teetering on the edge of Capricorn/Cancer and this face-off of conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) seems to highlight interpersonal responsibility and the ethic of care. The Moon in Cancer is already very emotional, bringing us in touch with the instinctual response of the child. But Full Moons are particularly charged up as the Sun forms a dynamic relationship with the emotional self that draws forth or expresses feelings, repressed or hidden aspects of the self and the environment which (usually invisible) supports you.

Horoscope of the 2018 Cancer Full Moon

Even though irritable Mars’ tense square aspect to the Full Moon is not very close, it can offer a poke or a prod that will get the ball rolling. With Chiron so close by, care of the self (Cancer) and the responsibility towards the other (Capricorn) may be churning under the pressure to act and indecision on what to do—or the nature of our actions could come under scrutiny. Are we caring enough for those we’re responsible to? Is it just to make us look good, which means that our actions are not properly tied to results or consequences or—heaven forbid—the desires or needs of the others we (pretend to) serve?

As the Moon’s nodes are currently sweeping through Cancer (North Node) and Capricorn (South Node) from Nov. 2018 until May 2020, I notice an emerging discourse of criticism of the philanthropy of corporations and the wealthy, particularly of those based in the United States. Several books have been published which point to the wealthy’s failure to contribute to the tax base of a (theoretically) democratic system of governance while funneling large sums of money to ideas and institutions that are not democratically decided or governed. The results of these efforts are not always beneficial and reflect and can even reinforce structural inequity. (NB: In the United States, certain charitable contributions result in lower taxes.) Such disconnects between an ethic of care and interpersonal responsibility will possibly echo through our own lives, with this Cancer Full Moon providing a sort of catalyst.

In other news, we have Mercury conjoining Jupiter (exact Dec. 21) and squaring Neptune (exact Dec. 24), giving us an opportunity to inquire into how we can bring out the most juicy, generative, creative and buoyant potential of the Jupiter square Neptune world transit (now through Dec 2019). This is an excellent influence for using intuitive means of inquiry—e.g., writing stream of consciousness, using tarot or other divinatory systems, turning on your favorite music and tuning into your body’s movements and gestures, creating collages, or using systemic constellations processes. As I’ve written previously of some of the potential of Jupiter square Neptune, how would we like to heal our relationship to belief itself? Or how would we like to ground our spiritual aspirations into true service to others? Let ourselves be free to get in touch with what WE want to serve—not the whole host of “shoulds” and “this will make me a Good Person” and other social pressures. When we solicit and enact our Soul’s desire, it not only feeds us, it will meet a genuine need in the world, one that we would not even be able to guess at.

On the other side of this Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune transit, look out for being overly optimistic and overestimating your capacities, and being way too sloppy with details. We might instead indulge in works of beauty, immersions in favorite natural settings, asking the Dreamtime to send us important dreams and listening for and recording those dreams. This is an excellent period of time for working with dreams from our sleeping worlds, as well as from our waking worlds. If you are gathering with family over the holidays, be aware of the desire to slip into or communicate a kind of fantasy land. On the one hand, this can be wonderful for healthy childlike wonder and entering into play with children (both inner and outer!) On the other hand, this could create a problematic dynamic if others are wanting to “be real” about something. We may find a generative way through conflicts about “fantasy” and “reality” by acknowledging there are no simplistic answers to complex issues, especially those that have a long history.

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Labyrinth in Tilden Park overlooking San Francisco Bay : image by Matthew T. Segall :

We welcome in the first full week of December with the Sagittarius New Moon on Dec. 6 at 11:20pm US/Pacific, highlighting our ambitions to adventure, explore, learn and believe in something greater than ourselves. Sagittarius is considered the home sign of the royal planet Jupiter, whose significations are getting a signal boost since Jupiter entered Sagg about a month ago. As harsh as many realities are, Jupiter in Sagg can encourage us to seek out grounds for optimism or to (re-)establish our relationship with hope, meaning and our purpose in this lifetime. The quest for meaning is a primary quality of the sign of Sagittarius and those who have strong Sagg emphases will often find meaning in even the most challenging of circumstances, when all others would despair. Our relationship to the planet Jupiter reflects our sense of optimism, faith and hope for the future, as Jupiter correlates to good fortune and favor, the ability to grow, opportunities, and philosophy as “a love (philos) of wisdom (sophia).”

Horoscope of the 2018 Sagittarius New Moon
2018 Sagittarius New Moon

This week’s New Moon in Sagg features storyteller Jupiter exactly at the midpoint between messenger Mercury and the fertile conjunction of Sun and Moon. This means that Jupiter—the planet of expansion—draws Mercury—the planet of the mind—into the New Moon configuration and the four planets can work together to infuse any intentions you might like to set for the lunar month ahead. One possibility is to welcome in the healing available from the Jupiter square Neptune world transit (Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2019) which could be a great ally to the intensity and rigidity of the Saturn-Pluto world transit that’s bringing some urgency to our evolutionary process. Jupiter-Neptune is soft, empathic, forgiving, endowed with grand visionary potential and imbues imagination and spiritual experience with an ecstatic, celebratory or humorous quality. In a less integrated form, Jupiter-Neptune can represent the grand delusion, spiritual materialism and an overblown, false religiosity.

Amongst the potentials of the current Jupiter-Neptune alignment is “healing the relationship to belief itself.” Working with this New Moon to explore both your skepticism and your naivety is supported by the Mars conjunction to Neptune (exact Dec. 7) which is aspecting the New Moon. Mars-Neptune can appear as the spiritual warrior and Mars will bring a bit of complexity to Neptune’s square to the New Moon, which might otherwise render us very blurry and indistinct. Mars may function by way of irritation and following the lines of what ails us in order to find reconciliation or healing is suggested by the overall cosmic portrait. Particularly where violations of our boundaries or those whom we care about intersect our belief or our relationship to belief systems, ideologies and philosophies. Sagittarius and Jupiter want us to grow, not to remain in a “repetition compulsion,” the psychological tendency to re-enact traumas again and again and again, with the hope of having a different outcome. A different outcome will require a different viewpoint and the application of conscious self-reflection. Fortunately, Mercury returns to direct motion on Dec. 6 just prior to the New Moon’s exact conjunction, offering hope of thought processes that are more direct and on target. But Mercury’s slowed motion indicates value in moving slowly through thoughts, reflections and feelings. Particularly where injury and trauma is involved, it is important to move at the pace of the body rather than the mind.

Venus’ return to Scorpio (Dec. 2 – Jan. 7) in the wake of her recent retrograde adds to the picture of following the lines of what ails us in order to heal. Venus represents many seductions we can spend a lifetime pursuing: money, sex, love, community. She wants connection and harmony but can have such a hard time in Scorpio because she must first confront whatever is problematic or terrifying within our needs to give and receive love. It’s hard to feel balance, harmony and satisfaction when there is so much “stuff” to metabolize. And what does it mean to metabolize something? Metabolism describes separating nutrients from what is unusable and sorting each to an appropriate place. What is nutrient? What is material for the compost pile? What is a little bit of both? Don’t neglect the nutrient value of whatever may want to emerge from Scorpio’s hidden underworld. It is foundational to the Jupiterian path to wholeness.


Key dates for Venus retrograde:
Sept. 3, 2018 – Venus enters shadow 25° Libra
Oct. 5, 2018 – Venus stations retrograde 10° Scorpio
Nov. 16, 2018 – Venus stations direct 25° Libra
Dec. 16, 2018 – Venus exits shadow 10° Scorpio

Key dates for Mercury retrograde:
Oct. 28, 2018 – Mercury enters shadow 27° Scorpio
Nov. 16, 2018 – Mercury stations retrograde 13° Sagittarius
Dec. 6, 2018 – Mercury stations direct 27° Scorpio
Dec. 24, 2018 – Mercury exits shadow 13° Sagittarius

Step into the realms of Soul and enlarge the conversation you are having with the world through an astrological consultation. With Erica as your guide, cross the astrological bridge between heaven and Earth to transform liabilities into assets and cooperate with the energies and forces presently shaping your life. Get in touch at erica at realimaginal dot com!

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The Sun is bolting through Leo following last week’s Leo New Moon (Aug. 11) which gave us an opportunity to ask about the sources and nature of our generosity towards others and why we give what we give. Is your generosity based on a sense of scarcity or lacking? Do you give in order to get? Do you puff yourself up with an image of “Mr/Ms Generosity”? This sort of self-image as well as other reflections on reciprocity could be examined while under the influence of this Leonine New Moon—plus a little Mercury and Mars retrograde to amplify the inquiry and our capacity to reconsider or take a different perspective.

Mercury’s current retrograde is wrapping up, when they will station direct at 11° Leo on August 18, right as they are making an easeful sextile aspect to the planet of love and connection, Venus. Disagreements, misunderstandings and frustrations which cropped up around the time of Mercury’s turn to retrograde motion on July 25 may work themselves out or find resolution or some kind of completion. But Mars’ continued retrograde motion will point us towards looking even deeper to confront patterns of self-sabotage, misdirected passions and karmic obstacles. How do your bodily needs, instinctual or survival-based habits and basic predispositions conflict with your desired self-image, your vision of the future and your various goals? Locating these internal incompatibilities may bring frustration at first, but pay close attention! You can gather important information which will help you to take appropriate action once the planet of pursuit, direction and energy, Mars turns direct on Aug. 27.

image by Joshua Halpern :::

Be wary of emotional explosivity on August 16 and 17 while the Moon travels through the churning depths of Scorpio. The Moon describes the unconscious and signifies our somatic self, our emotions and our basic needs—and therefore our vulnerability. Scorpio’s intensely searching nature can leave us feeling a little exposed if not totally raw, when put into contact with what is already typically hidden from view (the Moon’s province). Taking a moment to actually feel your emotions—rather than reacting or lashing out—could actually bring a great gift of insight into some of your basic unmet needs. Don’t waste time trying to analyze other people on the basis of your feelings. What do your feelings say about you, what you value and care for, and what you wish to protect and serve? How can you uphold your values and serve what you love?

Also this week, expansive, optimistic Jupiter makes its final exact trine aspect to the visionary dreamer Neptune (exact Aug. 19), asking us to look closely at our philosophies of life and any need for adjustments. Are our goals too lofty, or perhaps we just need to add a few more measured steps to get from A to Z? Can we engage our shortcomings and wounds with a mature heart, with a steady hand, with faithfulness to our own divine nature? It is an amazing gift to be able to see what needs repair—it is the first step in the process of moving towards greater wholeness. Don’t despair in the recognition of what is yet to be addressed; give thanks that your path is becoming that much more clear!

Key dates for Mercury retrograde:
July 6, 2018 – Mercury enters shadow 11° Leo
July 25, 2018 – Mercury stations retrograde 23° Leo
Aug. 18, 2018 – Mercury stations direct 11° Leo
Sept. 1, 2018 – Mercury exits shadow 23° Leo

Step into the realms of Soul and enlarge the conversation you are having with the world through an astrological consultation. With Erica as your guide, cross the astrological bridge between heaven and Earth to transform liabilities into assets and cooperate with the energies and forces presently shaping your life. Get in touch at erica at realimaginal dot com!

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