Sorry to miss writing last week’s forecast due to illness.

We’re already into the week of the Pisces New Moon, as inner planets begin to drip out of Pisces into Aries, with the last one out being the Sun on March 20. Mercury has scampered ahead of the Sun, diving into the fiery sign of Aries on March 5 with Venus following suit on March 6. This change of mood after a five-planet Piscean pile-up may see the song of compassion of the last two weeks abruptly cut off with a question of “What about me?” Particularly as Venus makes a square aspect to Saturn (exact Mar. 13) some of us may feel less social or wish to associate only with trusted acquaintances. Under this influence others may re-ignite old relationships that have grown aloof, or decide to finally sever contacts. Saturn is an interesting character in this way, for its limits and restrictions can foster that which is of service and benefit to the structures of destiny in our lives both through the action of securing and bonding, and by removing and clearing away. Saturn’s main concern is with that which will be enduring and of value to the greater whole of our lives and the community it serves.

Meanwhile the planet of forgiveness, generosity, optimism and excess, Jupiter, is stationing at 23° Scorpio, turning retrograde on March 8. Jupiter will be at 23° Scorpio until April 6 and has been there since February 24, which will bring an extra Jupiterian push to whatever in your chart is in the 18° to 28° range of the fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo) or from 20° to 26° of the other two water signs (Pisces and Cancer). Jupiter usually spends only five or six days traversing one degree of the zodiac, so watch out if that’s aspecting your natal Venus, as you may find your eyeballs wanting to be much much bigger than your wallet during this period! Jupiter loves indulgences and luxuries, even gluttony. It need not bring excess, however, and may be just the thing to lift you over an obstacle or buoy your spirit through an otherwise challenging time, depending on how it is aspecting your birth chart.

(Note: I am using the pronoun “they” to refer to Mercury, as it well captures Mercury’s in-between and (non)dual nature.) Mercury, our fair messenger, salesperson and patron of travelers, is now approaching their point of maximum eastern elongation which happens as Mercury stations retrograde at 16° Aries on March 22. The effects of the Mercury retrograde may manifest even now, as they travel through the “shadow” of their retrograde, that part of the zodiac which will be thrice trodden by Mercury before its retrograde period is over. While it’s true that communications can become jumbled or confused during Mercury’s retrograde, there are many positive qualities that may be harnessed. Looking at the planetary aspects which Mercury will make during this particular retrograde, its influence will be helpful for reviewing, reconnecting with or revisiting one’s roots; generally revisiting the past; retrieving that which is lost or missing or has been overlooked; engaging in act of “respect,” as in re-spect (to look again), a willingness to take another look or a more searching look; and be sure to include your own shortcomings if re-visiting old riffs, tiffs or difficulties in order to glean the most from this retrograde’s potential for releasing old stories and embracing a new outlook.


Pisces New Moon 2018

We are also gifted with the Pisces New Moon this week at 6:11am US/Pacific on Saturday, March 17, 2018. Looking ahead at the next Full Moon (happening in Libra on March 31) for guidance on what seeds might best be planted in this rich cosmic soil, you might turn to the dream time and ask Dream Maker for dreams concerning your devoted action or dreams that point out the direction of your service to the Community of Life. Don’t forget that there are times that community service is inward- rather than outward-focused, as we are unable to share the water of life if our own bucket is empty. You could ask Dream Maker for dreams about how the Earth dreams through you and how that fits into a longer trajectory, perhaps spanning multiple lives, or simply beyond your lifetime, or maybe in terms of decades rather than years. These intentions to learn about your life’s service from dream time could bear fruit as the Moon grows large in the sky.

Mercury’s retrograde through this New Moon to Full Moon cycle suggests the dance between assertion and receptivity—reaching out to penetrate and allowing oneself to be penetrated. The signs in the sky suggest that receptivity isn’t a matter of just laying about waiting for something to happen, but actively opening, listening….listening and being winnowed, opening to being sculpted by the hidden desire that seeks you, that reveals itself through genuine attention and curiosity…and not a colonizer’s curiosity. This receptivity is not about seeking possessions, but about finding how to be neither the possessor nor the possessed, surrendering to the generative dance of desire that makes bonds freely, bonds which are enduring, if demanding.

For the Libra Full Moon to come portends the discipline of passion, devotion in love, being so humble as to know how to be of service, that service be passionate and yet committed to a long term vision. Mars enters Capricorn on March 17, soon to conjoin Saturn, and it brings the capacity for strategy, planning, and attention to the necessities to achieve and accomplish and climb that mountain. Forget about impossible perfection and being in absolute control, and don’t mistake naked ambition for good strategy—devote yourself to serving love, that all too messy and wild creature, and what of your drive and direction is worthy will persist even through this year’s Mars retrograde (coming June 26 – August 27, 2018).

Key dates:
Mar. 8 Mercury enters its own shadow at 4° Aries
Mar. 22 Mercury stations retrograde at 16° Aries
Apr. 15 Mercury stations direct at 4° Aries
May 3 Mercury exits its own shadow at 16° Aries

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