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A heart, earth stons, archetype cards for The Guide, the Wounded Child, The Teacher and The Prostitute...with Saturn in the 9th House in Scorpio

Breakdown to Breakthrough: Astrology of Jan. 8 – Jan. 14, 2019

Wanna fight? The week is heavy with cautious Capricorn’s influence and yet the planet of mind, Mercury making a stressed square aspect to the god of war, Mars (exact Jan. 8) setting off existing tensions or initiating new conflict. If you feel the heat of anger rising while you’re speaking to someone, try to put on the brakes and evaluate if you’ll get what you want through shoving or arguing. It could be very hard to catch yourself, though! Mars is in Aries (until Feb. 14) and as the aggressive part of this combo, will be strong and inclined to move fast. On the other hand, Mars-Mercury can help with working through differing perspectives on an issue. You’ll find Mars-Mercury in the skilled debater and the passionate advocate. Fighting (Mars) with words (Mercury) can drive people apart from each other—Mars as the knife edge that separates—but this influence can also help to define or carve out differing (Mars) ideas (Mercury). The key is a willingness to be curious about our anger rather than merely possessed …