This week follows on a hyper-Capricornian Capricorn New Moon (Jan. 16), which featured six planets in Capricorn and suggested a consideration of long-term planning and sober calculation that honors the need for balance in one’s life, such that work and external focus doesn’t crowd out everything else. Mercury has now moved from early Capricorn to conjoin Pluto in the middle of Capricorn on Wed., Jan. 24, while both planets sextile Jupiter. The mind may be clicking over  various ways of achieving your personal or professional goals, and you may find your arguments are more persuasive at this time. While the sextile between Jupiter and Pluto is not typically prone to the arrogance which the hard aspects between Jupiter and Pluto can display, it is still advisable to be wary of ambitions or unconscious motivations. Otherwise, they may bounce back at you from an environment which resists your attempt to be too controlling, too clever, too self-centered or too righteous. It is otherwise a good time for studying and communicating visions of self- or social improvements, and evaluating all the resources you have at hand, for you may realize you have some hidden wealth that has been overlooked or underappreciated in the past.

Mercury goes on to square Uranus on Sat., Jan. 27, which could lend itself to surprising revelations, or fresh and perhaps unsettling perspectives or news that requires an adjustment in one’s plans. It doesn’t have to be negative news or perspectives, though the square suggests some element of being caught unawares. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself uttering some variation on, “I did not know that!!” This square of Mercury to Uranus favors the contemplations suggested above, in terms of being able to re-evaluate one’s resources, talents and sources of faith and actually recognize new aspects or dimensions.

image by Joshua Halpern,

Our sense of direction, motivation, energy and vigor—Mars—moves out of cunning Scorpio and into high-minded Sagittarius on Fri., Jan. 26. The image of the crusader or champion of one’s philosophy comes to mind, as does the person who spouts off some ideas believing everyone else sees the world the same way, perhaps adopting a very moralistic and rigid tone in the process. Mars likes to leap ahead, to jump quickly without considering and this may be a helpful energy for those who self-sabotage by obsessing over the details of “how my plan will work out,” while for others it can add unhelpful fuel to the fire. Know your tendencies, and help Mars give you that extra boost of optimistic courage or think twice about pushing yourself to take unnecessary or unwise risks.

Mars in Sagittarius can also be fun-loving, playful and up for a grand adventure. This can make finishing what is started a little bit more difficult, but it’s a good support for allowing your fancy to flow, dreaming big and initiating new streams of activity. You’ll likely have to face any excess you’ve created, and trim away that which your body simply cannot follow through on once Mars approaches Capricorn in mid-March. Commitment-shy Mars in Sagittarius is great for exploring the possible, as well as firing on all cylinders for at least a stretch here and there in order to pursue a well-crafted vision. Beware of taking on too much during this time, or at least ensure your enthusiasm doesn’t get you into too much trouble when it wanes and your attention wants to wander elsewhere.