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The Aries Full Moon on Sept. 24 at 7:52pm US/Pacific issues a frank declaration: cut the crap. This Full Moon forms a no-nonsense exact T-square with stern Saturn that looks like business. Whereas Saturn’s influence may inhibit expression, the continued dynamism of fiery Mars squaring surprising Uranus and also squaring relational Venus is stirring things up a little more than usual. We may receive or give a harsh or critical appraisal that may not be completely off base, though any long-repressed unspoken feelings could cloud our perception. It will not be so easy to hide your mistakes or your true feelings—your cover may be blown!

Making the most of the few days leading up to this Full Moon by internally acknowledging how you feel and what you believe could defuse arguments so that stern but stable Saturn’s influence can bring in some calm, calculated communication. It will also be helpful to consider opposing perspectives and to make a sincere effort to represent other people’s beliefs, actions and (apparent) motivations truthfully. Fidelity to other perspectives will steer you clear of accusations and entanglement in unnecessary intrigues, and could also shed new light on an old or troublesome issue through open dialogue.

2018 Aries Full Moon

Chatty Mercury makes their superior conjunction to the Sun in discreet Virgo (exact. Sep. 20), but Mercury is moving fast at this point in their cycle, leaping into Libra on Sep. 21 and immediately opposing the sensitive centaur, Chiron in Aries. You may be challenged to understand what holds you back from taking charge, or you may get a good look at failures to consider your impact on others. This aspect generally speaks to the tug of war between the individual self (Aries) and the relational self (Libra) and it may be necessary to verbalize boundaries as well as point out where your boundaries have been crossed. Experiment with placing yourself first as a way of taking responsibility for your actions and your words. Putting yourself in the driver’s seat here isn’t so much about running over other people as it is about becoming the individual being that is necessary to create real relationship.

We may find ourselves hashing it out particularly with workmates, siblings or peers and again, it’s necessary to take responsibility for our own decisions by daring to be an individual self with thoughts, feelings and experiences. Any tendency to place undue responsibility on others for what you say, do or feel will likely come right back at you with a “WRONG ANSWER” written all over it. Of course, we’re all tied together in a network of mutuality, but the spotlight is now on our capacity to show up for ourselves in a way that acknowledges our real duties, responsibilities and obligations.

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