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Traditional Tibetan thangka showing the bhavacakra and six realms of Saṃsāra in Buddhist cosmology

Saṃsāra’s Grip: Astrology of Jan. 22 – Jan. 28

Sweets amidst the stresses The weekly astrology outlook of Real Imaginal features the ongoing Venus-Jupiter conjunction (exact Jan. 22), who provides an excellent chance to expand our networks, find like-minded collaborators and explore new ways of celebrating love. The emissary of love, Venus meeting up with the expansive nature of Jupiter offers us an experience of hope, faith in love or an opening of the heart—a welcome burst of generosity and hopefulness that spans the rest of this week. And though Venus-Jupiter is typically a lovely quality, this radiant crown of loving energy may be sitting atop many things which are less than glorious. Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun have been in Capricorn for the lead up to Venus’ kiss with Jupiter, bringing a sense of heaviness to our thoughts, general outlook and attempts to connect with others on a mental level. This could spur Venus-Jupiter to a more escapist expression, perhaps by avoiding engaging in the complexity of life and opting instead for judgmental Saturn-Pluto’s strangely feel-good “black-and-white, good-and-evil” perspective on the world. …