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Celestial dancer, Devata. Sculpture. Central India, mid-11th century

Beauty Be: Astrology of the week of Feb. 5 – Feb. 11, 2019

Please check out a gift I am offering every other week! An online event called: Guiding You Through the Real Imaginal, where we will spend 20 – 25 minutes in a meditative exploration. The first (available as a video here) was with Venus in Capricorn. I’ve been guiding group explorations of the imaginal realm for about five years . . . and I am thrilled to now be hosting them online! AND as a BONUS, I am offering a FREE 15-minute mini-reading to one person drawn at random from all live attendees! Aquarius New Moon: Talk is cheap We’ve just passed this year’s New Moon in Aquarius, which together with war god Mars squaring compulsive Pluto and also conjoining defiant Uranus, could have brought a flaring forth of self-righteousness. And not that we wouldn’t have a very important point to make, it’s just that…talk is cheap. Aquarius can tune us into our ideals, but can also tune us out to the fact that we’re actually a part of the world we wish to improve. We’re …