This week that fabled trickster Mercury finally completes the challenging square to Saturn that they began way back on Mar. 6 or so in the days leading up to Mercury’s retrograde station in the assertive sign of Aries. On Apr. 25, mind, communication, connection and travel god(dess) Mercury is exactly square to Saturn, whose reality principle, limitations and wisdom will want to penetrate any resistance to knowledge which would re-establish an equilibrium that has gone off kilter. The trouble is, there could be a lot of confusion in the air, with conflicting stories and narratives, and even a bit of unabashed manipulation. If it’s a matter of hassles related to travel or commerce, listen closely to your intuition and get second opinions on proposed solutions.  But if there is a deeper existential issue…I’ve said it for several weeks and it bears repeating for this week: you will find clarity if you look deep within your own heart. NOT in the hearts of others, not even the heart of your beloved teacher, mentor or guide. Beyond the stories of good and bad, beyond the desires and wants of self or other, there is a deep reconciling truth waiting for you, in the depths of your own divine nature.

Venus leaves her home sign of earthy, sense-enhancing Taurus and enters mercurial Gemini on Apr. 24. As a significator of “the social butterfly,” Venus in Gemini until May 19 might inspire us to be more social than usual, and yet the grimmer nature of the Mars-Pluto conjunction (exact Apr. 25-27) suggests that this week we might be forced to review exactly who we are spending our time with. We start to become like those we associate with, or as they used to say where I grew up, “If you lay down with the dogs, you’re going to get fleas.” This is not to be overly judgmental of the habits, preferences and choices of others but rather a call to discernment. Is this really a healthy/appropriate/supportive person or persons to be around?


Scorpio Full Moon of 2018

Venus relates to our social groups as well as our most intimate partners, and the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29, 2018 at 4:58pm US/Pacific looks like it means business. Is there something important about the people you are closest with which you have not quite registered or fully appreciated? Or maybe something about your business partners? A hidden fact could be illuminated for you under this Full Moon, but it’s going to take a willingness to be radically honest with yourself and for some of us, no small amount of struggle, maybe even an act of self-preservation. It is key to summon the presence of mind to notice what you are actually doing, versus your or others’ stories about what you are doing. While the poet assures us that no thing is final, there is a certain fateful quality about actions we undertake at this time, and decisions we take or follow through on—or reconsider. To sort through choices for the most healthy option, take note if what you’re doing is causing harm to or recklessly endangering self or other and consider choosing a path of less violence. Such violence, harm or endangerment will boomerang back to you sooner or later.

Some ways to work out Mars-Pluto energy (active Apr. 13 – May 3): engaging in vigorous athletics, playing an intense if friendly game of competition, DANCING!!, throwing yourself into a pitched effort to complete a project that may require a bit of fortitude or endurance, participating in search and rescue efforts, volunteering at an animal rescue shelter, participating in advocacy for animal welfare, and any sort of physical adventure in the natural world. If your mobility is restricted, you could take such adventures into the imaginal realm, and soar to imagined places in ways which make your heart pound.

If you find yourself drawn to sexual encounters under these skies, take time to know who you’re having sex with. Even someone you thought you trusted could turn out to have something unsavory about them, so just have a good look before leaping in that direction. Particularly if there is any hint of jealousy, possessiveness or unequal interest in each other. Communication is very sexy, especially when it comes to understanding mutual hopes and expectations, and of course: establishing and maintaining mutual consent.

Finally, if you find yourself out and about under the high-energy Scorpio Full Moon and in the mood to party and perhaps indulge in substances which can blur boundaries and slur judgment, take along some trusted friends and think twice about wandering alone.  Ask any hospital emergency room worker about the increase in accidents and chaos in the ER under the Full Moon!  This particular Full Moon has a potential for aggression, which doesn’t mix so well with mind-altering substances.


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