We start this week off with the Sun entering Sagittarius—and we do rejoice! Not that we could or should skip over the revelations of this past season of Scorpio (Oct. 22 – Nov. 21), but Sagittarian influences will begin to bring some new perspectives and insights into our situation. A more generous, inclusive and flexible portion of ourselves will be more readily available to get down with the business of living within a changed reality, and using our higher principles to shape the meaning of those changes. There is the possibility of feeling some hope of moving through the heaviness, and noticing that horizons stretch out farther than those which may have previously felt like they were collapsing in on you.

This process of integration could be helped by minding any gap between one’s abstract ideals and the messiness that life can bring us. The Moon’s square with the Sun on Sunday, Nov. 26 suggests that solutions to such gaps may appear if we examine where our needs (Moon) conflict with our desires (Sun). For example, if we need to shelter and protect a previously traumatized part of ourselves, and yet feel called by our principles to put ourselves in situations which challenge the well-being of that unintegrated part of ourselves, we might want to reflect on any patterns of self-sacrifice and martyrdom. Is that what is driving the desire to “make a stand?” Mercury’s movement through Sagittarius, aspecting the roughly year long square between Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius which is completing this week, signals the importance of locating our mature resources in order to identify and enact our responsibilities to others. This never involves getting rid of old survival patterns, but rather being able to notice when they want to arise, thanking them for their desire to protect, and then choosing to do something different.

This week, Neptune is also appearing to stand still in the sky, stationing to move into direct motion at 11° of Pisces on Wednesday, Nov. 22. Although the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) spend a relatively large amount of time stationing, the week or so surrounding their stations can be especially drenched with their significations. Life may become dreamy, almost aquatic, as if moving slowly through another world where mundane notions of time have little relevance. For some, healing will come through surrendering to this dream state and allowing the intuitive mode to propel your efforts—or to simply float motionless. You might channel this into more artistic or spiritually-oriented outlets. For others, relying on routine and set schedules can help you weather any intensification of your already imaginative or free-floating experience of life. This could be healing through improving ways of coping well with an industrial growth society which would rather label you unproductive or unwell—findi the ways that work for you to balance your spiritual being and material needs.