With apologies for missing last week’s forecast due to continued illness.

The week of the Solstice opens with a harmonious grand trine between Mercury in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, offering us an imaginative window into our intuition and deeper emotional currents. This particular configuration is in no hurry to get to the bottom of any great mystery and is quite content to float along in dreamy wonder. You might use this influence to communicate to or with the empathic imagination so necessary for human ethical orientation. Also a lovely influence for making offerings to sweet and sassy Oshun, the African orisha of the sweet waters of rivers who enchants whatever she lays her honeyed hands upon, we might ask her to help awaken hardened hearts and rationalizing minds to injustice and wrongdoing everywhere. The beautiful one, Oshun protects the neglected and the impoverished child, acting as the mother of all orphans, such as those forcibly separated from their parents at the United States border—pray to her, speak with her, ask her to please watch over those who are in harm’s way and to open the hearts of those who can help bring healing to that situation and others like it.

The Sun enters the sign of the mother and the child, Cancer on June 21, not long before Venus in generous Leo opposes Mars in the more reserved sign of Aquarius (exact June 21). This bodes well for an examination and cross-examination of the quality of your caregiving. Is your caregiving rooted in love? In abundance? In a state of overflow? Or are you in more of a caretaking mode? Is your care rather rooted in reactions to the needs and thoughts of others? Mired in a loss of your own direction, your own sense of self? The line between “responsive” and “reactive” may seem blurry and there are definitely relationships—such as parenthood—which demand setting oneself aside at times. But maintaining a solid connection to your own deep needs and desires is necessary to make the most of your offerings to the world and to those who need your care. Any inner or interpersonal conflicts between “giving” and “taking” can begin to work themselves out during this opposition, which in some ways opens up the long, dynamic dance between Mars and Venus over the next four months or so as each undertakes their retrograde, starting with Mars next week. The question of self-identity in community, self-identity as one who cares and exactly how that identity radiates into the world can turn up some interesting answers this week!

Image of California’s river systems
from Obi Kaufmann’s book California Field Atlas

The nature of mind will move from the watery grand trine beginning the week to a more powerful, driven quality when Mercury opposes insatiable Pluto (exact June 23). While there is a potential for forceful communication, revelation or release of secrets and powerful advocacy, it could also break down into a screaming match or simple, rogue manipulation. Taking a moment to stop and remember yourself, your true nature, which is an inexhaustible source of love, compassion and wisdom, can help turn this influence towards the type of ferocity required for the occasion. You might recall Oshun’s grace and capacity to calm even the wildest human with her sweet honey, or the Buddhist deity Kuan Yin’s attentiveness to the cries of the world’s need, or figures of whatever tradition or lineage you may follow—express your need for help under pressure, whether that pressure is the pull of old habits or the push of an external provocation—know that you can receive support from realms less visible but no less a part of our reality.



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