While the first week of July features a pleasant grand trine between the Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces (exact July 5 – 8), the Mercury opposition to Mars (exact July 5) promises to leave a significant stamp for many of us. Sun-Jupiter-Neptune is less emphatic and a bit more passive than the very energetic duo of Mercury-Mars, which signifies a quickening of the mind and communications, a sense of urgency around communicating and can occasion the verbal spar or argument. We may all find ourselves short-tempered and unwilling to listen carefully in the rush to make our own point heard and understood. It is not the most favorable aspect for traveling, as it indicates interruptions, potential accidents, missed connections or fighting to reach your destination. If you have to travel, do what you can to avoid being in a rush, practice defensive driving and keep your cell phone out of reach when behind the wheel. The latter goes without saying, but it’s doubly true under these skies—concentrate on what you’re doing because the unexpected could leap out in front of you, leaving little time to react.

Beyond travel concerns, we may experience some separations or beginnings of separations during Mercury’s opposition to Mars. The 180° angle of the opposition suggests one-to-one relationships, but can also point to our own inner patterns of attachment to and relationship with others, as well as signifying projects or endeavors which take up significant amounts of time or life energy. It is a wonderful energetic potential to harness to our attempts to change outgrown ways of relating, particularly if we have already invested some efforts and consciousness-building in that area. This aspect will also highlight areas where we may be over-committed or need to hone in on the most important priorities. Mars recently entered retrograde motion on June 26 which gives us all a chance to review and appraise the role of pursuit and being pursued, aggression, boundary protection, personal will, goal orientation and deadlines, and other Mars-related experiences, challenges and opportunities in our lives. This week may present the challenge of truly heeding and respecting the significance of conflicts in one’s life—the urgent need for a relationship or a way of relating to end or change forever, for example—and avoiding the temptation to hang on to a fantasy or some old agreement that no longer supports you and/or others.

image by Joshua Halpern :: ecocourageous.com

Chiron stations retrograde on July 4 as well, in the Mars-ruled sign of Aries, suggesting that we take time to be as thorough as possible in detailing the reasons why we need to change or end a relationship, project or way of being. This can offer a chance to recover one’s willpower and assertion from patterns of being overly dominating or overly submissive, or from some younger version of ourselves who is trapped in an old story and recreating the same conflict again and again in our lives. The cosmos is conspiring to free you from such traps, and it will take some courage and presence of mind and heart to step in a direction which will not only liberate you but others around you. Pull in the grand water trine of Sun-Jupiter-Neptune to envision a new way and a better way for you to step into your responsibilities. What pace of life do you long for? What are you doing to support or complicate that pace or rhythm? What kind of people do you want to be around? Are those who you are intimate with living their own ideals or story of the good, or is something incongruent? It may be difficult to have a healing conversation around differences between ideals and real deeds without being as honest as humanly possible. We might consider author Carol S. Pearson’s perspective: “It is not just honesty…that is important, but the energy that surrounds it.  If honesty comes out of a desire to cut down, it can be very destructive.  However, enveloped in love, it has quite a different effect.  The hero’s goal is not to slay, but to name the dragon—to reinstate community through communication.”

Therefore, don’t forget that asking others to be honest implies asking yourself to be as honest as possible, too. A genuine calling others to account necessarily involves opening oneself up to criticism, and taking responsibility for one’s own role in an equation. It’s possible to use conflict as a precious opportunity to not only release ourselves from the past, but to invite in a future in which you and your community can thrive.


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