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Mars-Uranus: Get moving!

The weekly astrological forecast portends several energetic shifts in our skies. We start off with a great big shove from action-oriented Mars finally completing his conjunction with electrifying Uranus in the feisty sign of Aries (exact Feb. 12). We may be more in the mood to challenge beliefs and attitudes, as well as experience a challenge of our sense of direction! Shall we tilt at this windmill? Or that one? Or is there an entirely different and more productive road to travel? The most willful road—the path of I, Me, Mine and F-the-world—may seem the most appealing in the moment, but it also may be wise to wait until Mars enters Taurus (Feb. 14) a few days later before making any life-changing decisions which are wrapped up in sudden anger, pure rebellion or resentment. Mars in Taurus might give us a better lay of land for making any bold moves. On the other hand, if we’ve been unable to take an important step forward or are caught up in limiting beliefs, this extra bolt of energy could at least get something moving!

Saturn-Uranus-Pluto: Who’s got the power?

Mars’ conjunction with Uranus also forms a kind of kickstarter for the larger world transit of Uranus square Saturn-Pluto, which will run through Dec. 2021. Saturn-Uranus-Pluto periods of time challenge not only the status quo (existing conditions) but also those who believe themselves to be the vanguard of change bringing an answer to the world’s woes. The intensification (Pluto) of radical (Uranus) backlash (Saturn) is one possibility and in the current climate it is hard to pin “radical” on just one political persuasion. We might see even more unpredictable splitting (Uranus) amidst all the polarization (Saturn-Pluto) around the world—and note that unpredictable doesn’t automatically mean bad or undesirable. There will likely be echoes back to the 2007 – 2012 Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square formation which correlated to an economic crisis, in keeping with the economic upheavals under previous Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square alignments in history. Since Saturn and Uranus will continue to square each other from 2021–2023 outside of the direct orb of influence of power-broker Pluto, our current time period may be more focused on questions of “the sources of power.”

What is power anyway?

I have a perception of power as something dynamic. I define power as the ability to cause or prevent change which arises out of the fact of communion (a fundamental relatedness). It’s not an object that one or another person or thing possesses but is more of a dynamic that is co-created. To summarize the observations of Gene Sharp, a scholar of nonviolence, the power of all rulers and hierarchical systems, including tyrants and oppressors, resides within the attitudes, behaviors, cooperation and obedience of the governed. So if power does arise from relationship, a thorough examination of how we are connected to one another seems the order of the day. And across all scales, because the larger collective movements of the Soul of the World are enacted by individuals and in individual lives.

Open Heart tarot card of the Triple Goddess Deck

Venus-Saturn sextile Neptune: Right relations

This is an appropriate reflection for sociable Venus’ sextile to empathic Neptune (exact Feb. 17), as she also sidles up next to the make-or-break energy of Saturn, putting a spotlight on “right relations.” We have our “ideals” (Neptune) and then there is “what actually is” (Saturn). Venus-Saturn can correlate to sweet karmic friendship, long-lasting bonds filled with loyalty and mutual support. And it can also point to what would stand in the way of enduring connection and the sweetness that is available to us, as well as whether loyalty is authentic or will not last through rough times. We might encounter where we have outsourced the leverage points of our power or where we can improve the quality of our existing connections. Transits involving Venus plus Saturn are a classic for “clearing out relations” and that doesn’t have to spell The End. Not at all. With maturity and discernment, we could actually come much closer to our Sacred Others—but only if we’re not compromising ourselves or our deepest truths. Many of us may experience the frustrations of inequalities in maturity levels which can make negotiations difficult. It’s very hard for one person’s maturity to carry the entire load especially in a relationship between peers.

Sun sextile Uranus: What do we serve?

Meanwhile, the identity-bringer of the Sun makes a helpful sextile to freedom-seeking Uranus (exact Feb. 17) which can support our aspirations to remain true to ourselves and our own values. If there is a dispute cropping up, it could be very helpful to identify how serving our own values serves the relationship—or if it doesn’t!

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Our week opens with the Sun awkwardly squaring eccentric Chiron (Dec. 19) and fluidly trining the even more eccentric Uranus (Dec. 20), which could offer us a glimpse of painful obstacles that make it hard to tap into and offer our creative gifts. Sun trine Uranus is nice for creative openings, inspiration and fresh insights but Chiron’s square may place a few hurdles in our way. Beliefs around scarcity and abundance may be particularly present, but our own natal placement of Chiron (where Chiron is located in our birth chart) may also indicate the nature of impediments. It is hard if not impossible to just power on past what Chiron wants us to look at, but the good news is that it is possible that Uranus can lend a helping hand of a fresh approach to an old problem. Start exactly where you are (instead of wishing you were in that ideal place where the creative flow is happening) and focus on honoring and addressing the obstacle and you may get some surprisingly good results!

This is happening as we are wending our way towards the Solstice point of 0° Capricorn (Dec. 21), signaling winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere. The longest night of the north, the longest day of the south sets the stage for the Cancer Full Moon on Dec. 22 at 9:49am US/Pacific. The Sun and the Moon are teetering on the edge of Capricorn/Cancer and this face-off of conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) seems to highlight interpersonal responsibility and the ethic of care. The Moon in Cancer is already very emotional, bringing us in touch with the instinctual response of the child. But Full Moons are particularly charged up as the Sun forms a dynamic relationship with the emotional self that draws forth or expresses feelings, repressed or hidden aspects of the self and the environment which (usually invisible) supports you.

Horoscope of the 2018 Cancer Full Moon

Even though irritable Mars’ tense square aspect to the Full Moon is not very close, it can offer a poke or a prod that will get the ball rolling. With Chiron so close by, care of the self (Cancer) and the responsibility towards the other (Capricorn) may be churning under the pressure to act and indecision on what to do—or the nature of our actions could come under scrutiny. Are we caring enough for those we’re responsible to? Is it just to make us look good, which means that our actions are not properly tied to results or consequences or—heaven forbid—the desires or needs of the others we (pretend to) serve?

As the Moon’s nodes are currently sweeping through Cancer (North Node) and Capricorn (South Node) from Nov. 2018 until May 2020, I notice an emerging discourse of criticism of the philanthropy of corporations and the wealthy, particularly of those based in the United States. Several books have been published which point to the wealthy’s failure to contribute to the tax base of a (theoretically) democratic system of governance while funneling large sums of money to ideas and institutions that are not democratically decided or governed. The results of these efforts are not always beneficial and reflect and can even reinforce structural inequity. (NB: In the United States, certain charitable contributions result in lower taxes.) Such disconnects between an ethic of care and interpersonal responsibility will possibly echo through our own lives, with this Cancer Full Moon providing a sort of catalyst.

In other news, we have Mercury conjoining Jupiter (exact Dec. 21) and squaring Neptune (exact Dec. 24), giving us an opportunity to inquire into how we can bring out the most juicy, generative, creative and buoyant potential of the Jupiter square Neptune world transit (now through Dec 2019). This is an excellent influence for using intuitive means of inquiry—e.g., writing stream of consciousness, using tarot or other divinatory systems, turning on your favorite music and tuning into your body’s movements and gestures, creating collages, or using systemic constellations processes. As I’ve written previously of some of the potential of Jupiter square Neptune, how would we like to heal our relationship to belief itself? Or how would we like to ground our spiritual aspirations into true service to others? Let ourselves be free to get in touch with what WE want to serve—not the whole host of “shoulds” and “this will make me a Good Person” and other social pressures. When we solicit and enact our Soul’s desire, it not only feeds us, it will meet a genuine need in the world, one that we would not even be able to guess at.

On the other side of this Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune transit, look out for being overly optimistic and overestimating your capacities, and being way too sloppy with details. We might instead indulge in works of beauty, immersions in favorite natural settings, asking the Dreamtime to send us important dreams and listening for and recording those dreams. This is an excellent period of time for working with dreams from our sleeping worlds, as well as from our waking worlds. If you are gathering with family over the holidays, be aware of the desire to slip into or communicate a kind of fantasy land. On the one hand, this can be wonderful for healthy childlike wonder and entering into play with children (both inner and outer!) On the other hand, this could create a problematic dynamic if others are wanting to “be real” about something. We may find a generative way through conflicts about “fantasy” and “reality” by acknowledging there are no simplistic answers to complex issues, especially those that have a long history.

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I’ve missed writing the weekly astrological outlook for you these past two weeks due to illness. Here’s to better health!

The week begins with the Sun’s entry into the sign of Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 22, 2018). The Sun symbolizes our sense of self or conscious identity and how we want to be seen, and Scorpio beckons us to engage the more murky territory in our psyche. What has been hidden from you? What have you hidden from yourself? Seeing through the murk requires a special kind of vision, a night vision attuned to symbolism and fired by a sacred curiosity. Scorpio digs down for the truth, which can lead into sensitive territory. Thinking symbolically rather than literally can move you beyond fears, taboos and similar restrictions on seeing clearly. Because when we dig down underneath the niceties and surface appearances, it’s important to be open to what is, rather than consumed by desires for or fears of what might be—and hence the need for a true curiosity. Incorporating a sacred dimension to the search for truth can help you not only respect what you find but help you hold the shock of whatever is waiting to be found.

For every planet which enters Scorpio over the next couple of years immediately opposes Uranus, the planet of shock, surprise and awakening (Sun opposite Uranus exact Oct. 23.) There is an electric excitement which can accompany Sun-Uranus, supercharging our courage to try something new or bizarre or risky. When we’re holding Uranus within, it will fuel confidence and feeling secure in our beliefs and our motives, even to the point of excluding the views and feelings of others. That is why Uranus symbolizes breaks with the past and with the prevailing ideas of what is good, true and beautiful—the Uranian impulse must firmly believe its ways are just as good, true and beautiful as the contradictory beliefs of mainstream societies, family traditions or personal karmic patterns. But this is Sun opposite Uranus in the sky, so we might notice Uranus being held by someone or something outside of us. Such as the unexpected and perhaps unpleasant wake up call concerning our self-image, or a challenge to newly won self-confidence, or the call to present a more genuine and perhaps more vulnerable persona.


Chart for Taurus Full Moon 2018

It could all just be extremely irritating, as well, for the Taurus Full Moon on Oct. 24 at 9:46am US/Pacific will be sitting right on top of Uranus. The Full Moon is very energetic all on its own and emotional tensions may be too much to suppress under this influence. Freedom versus loyalty or bonding is highlighted and it will be helpful to know what exactly you want. If you want relationships which give you both, it’s a great time to sort through how to make that happen but don’t expect everyone you’re currently involved with to be in the same exploratory space. Hearing out insecurities—whether from your own psyche or from those who depend or rely on you in some way—will be far more helpful to you than flipping everyone the finger and singing “my way or the highway.” In fact, listening to others’ responses (including if those “others” are your own inner conflicts) can help you in the process of finding your paradoxical way forward. Remember: sacred curiosity. Offer that to yourself under this unsettled and potentially surprising Full Moon.

The Taurus Full Moon also exactly squares the Moon’s nodal axis in the sky making a tense conversation between past and future, karma and dharma, and what enables us versus what hinders us. It looks quite like something long hidden or very surprising will be revealed—like the recent national news coverage in the US of a 14-year ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which is well on its way to becoming one of the worst offshore ecological disasters in US history. The oil company that owns the rig has tried to conceal the fact so that an estimated 300 to 700 barrels of oil per day have been quietly spewing into the Gulf. For 14 years. That’s between 1.5 and 3.6 million barrels of toxic crude oil. While our own personal revelation may not be on such a scope or scale, indeed this week could witness a substantial change in our sense of security and what we thought was real or true or trustworthy. For some, it will be a new sense of confidence, a release from limiting stories and entanglements and a bold, exciting new relationship to vulnerability. For others, it could be more like finding out someone has hidden something very toxic from you, and perhaps right in your own home.


Key dates for Venus retrograde:
Sept. 3, 2018 – Venus enters shadow 25° Libra
Oct. 5, 2018 – Venus stations retrograde 10° Scorpio
Nov. 16, 2018 – Venus stations direct 25° Libra
Dec. 16, 2018 – Venus exits shadow 10° Scorpio

Step into the realms of Soul and enlarge the conversation you are having with the world through an astrological consultation. With Erica as your guide, cross the astrological bridge between heaven and Earth to transform liabilities into assets and cooperate with the energies and forces presently shaping your life. Get in touch at erica at realimaginal dot com!

2019 RETREATS   I am excited to share that astrologer Renn Butler and I will be offering another holotropic breathwork + archetypal astrology + dreamwork retreat in summer 2019!  Watch this space for more details and to save the date!

Whether you are midsummer or midwinter, the Sun is making his way through the last five degrees of the conflict-avoidant sign of Cancer, nuzzling up to an uncomfortable square aspect with Uranus. The First Quarter Moon on July 19 at 12:52pm US/Pacific provides the opportunity to shout about the grievances or griefs, unmet cravings or conflicts going on in your life which may have been boiling over since last week’s Cancer New Moon. Whether it is a good idea or a bad idea to shout it out may not matter much in the heat of the moment, but communications are unlikely to be entirely clear. On July 6, Mercury entered the shadow of the path of their upcoming retrograde, which tends to bring to the surface some of the more typical retrograde hijinks—failing to understand or to be understood, both forgetting and remembering important things or people, receiving new information which completely changes one’s outlook, understanding or opinion, and so on. However deeply you dove (or were dunked) into last week’s New Moon, there is more to come because it is not enough to receive new information or a new perspective—how your life must change as a result is an entirely different matter. The Sun in Cancer tends to look backwards in time, and as comforting as sentimentality can be, hanging onto a glaze of idealization over the past will prove increasingly problematic.

Along those lines, Venus begins to oppose the dreamtime of Neptune just as she makes a pleasant sextile to forgiving Jupiter (exact July 22) which might soften the edges of our judgment—both in good and bad ways. Much ink has been spilled over the spiritual dangers of “judging” situations, that is, appraising the value of people, things and events based on our personal notion of ethics (good and bad). In our haste to categorize things within our moral frameworks, we may miss crucial facts and fail to notice significant contradictions which would allow us to better understand why people do the things they do, or why something went down the way it did. On the other hand, absolute moral relativism—the idea that there really is no better or worse way and that all acts are equal—is even less likely to promote understanding and necessary moral reflection. This week, we might instead call upon the possibilities of discernment, which plays well with the spiritual triplets of empathy, humility and compassion. Let us not dehumanize others by either demonizing or lionizing them—saying someone is either completely evil or can do no wrong—or by dismissing them or their actions—failing to take up the hard work of relating to them as a fellow aspect of the divine. We have only begun to witness the potential for polarization (splitting the world into pairs of hostile opposites) in the long-term collective transit of Saturn-Pluto (2018 – 2021) but don’t overlook the power and importance of each gesture of empathy, humility and compassion, however small or however large.

Rounding out this week, the Sun will enter its home sign of Leo on July 22 and turn our attention to the incredibly active fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) of the summer of 2018. The Sun in Leo warms the heart and is much more extroverted than the Sun in Cancer. We can expect correlations to Mercury retrograde to amp up from this date, as we may feel more expressive, but don’t expect it to be all bad! Mercury’s retrograde is a wonderful time to reconnect with old friends and under these skies, that could come about by chance meetings or otherwise quite by surprise. Look back through any unfinished creative projects to see if there is anything you would like to bring back to life as this could bring you much joy. This Leo season (until Aug. 22), be open to new or even whimsical creative urges but take a playful stance towards them—they may be just a practice ground for something completely different, or a fleeting prayer offered up to the beauty of the cosmos.

Step into the realms of Soul and enlarge the conversation you are having with the world through an astrological consultation. With Erica as your guide, cross the astrological bridge between heaven and Earth to transform liabilities into assets and cooperate with the energies and forces presently shaping your life. Get in touch at erica at realimaginal dot com!

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