Aaaaannnndddd exhale slowly…. Congratulations on arriving in the month of May 2018. Mars in Capricorn is slowly separating from his fierce conjunction with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, offering a small break from the frantic pace of the past few weeks. Meanwhile the Sun is plowing through slow, steady Taurus, calling attention to our material circumstances and as the pressure eases (or continues to build, depending on your situation), the body might be crying out to you for comfort, nursing and rejuvenating attention. It is wise to heed that call and to stop to breathe deep, snatch cat naps, take some time to do nothing wherever possible. Observe the changing seasons of the Earth, see what is opening and closing, beginning and ending in this part of her journey around the Sun and rest up, friends. You will need your energy for the surprises of times soon to come.

If you take that Taurean turn towards slowing down and sensing, the Sun’s gentle sextile to the planet of enchantment, Neptune (exact May 6) will sigh with your Soul’s greater dreams, like a breeze fluttering against your skin. Can you sense these murmurings? These breezes of deep, mysterious truth? You might slow down and drop into reverie, so that something forgotten or momentarily overlooked in the crush of the recent Mercury retrograde and Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction can bubble up into awareness. Is there something catching at the edges of your ordinary life, tickling you just under your nose, and vanishing like a sneeze uncompleted—painful and poignant in its retraction—when you try to grab it? And alas, dissolving into mist again? These imaginal beings flitting about your edges are real, they have body, but to draw them into conversation you must dance around their matter…you must let them come to you as they will, as they are. Try daydreaming with wild abandon, or automatic writing, or randomly opening a book and reading whatever passage your eyes fall upon, or drawing without noticing what is taking shape under your hand, or walking through last night’s dream again and again without trying to figure out what it means. Sit with wonder and awe at the strangeness or queer familiarity of whatever emerges. Don’t try to contain the experience with your words or your ideas about it. Let these misty beings tell you their stories on their own terms and you will learn much about the dream that is dreaming you.

For something much older may be lying in wait beneath those gauzy figures, as Mercury squares Pluto (exact May 7), sending the divine messenger to confront whatever has been tying you in knots over the last two months. Has a negative fantasy polluted your lifestream for long enough? Maybe your true greatness has been overshadowed by someone else real or imagined, and proof of it comes now. Mercury will be eager to set things aright, regardless of resistances. Your own mind, bewitched or not, will seek to unburden itself, to be free to seek the truth, to blaze a new path with a sword sharpened by awareness. At last, you may recognize a source of sabotage. But be prepared for continuing to work it out, because revolutions will not be organized, most especially not in the year of 2018. The revolution will break over us, again and again, in frustrating loops of karmic burdens working themselves out through bodies constrained by time and limited perspective. Love these parts of you, make space for what takes its own time to work out, because this may offer you the wisdom and insight to do something new, something different, as gears begin to shift later in mid-May.

The goddess of love, Venus squares Neptune (exact May 7) adding to the confrontation of negative fantasy and distorted realities. For many, it will be an illusion of romance or the perfect partner or the perfect divine. What truly fits and serves the present and future? What is ready to be blessed, thanked and released? What can now take up residence in a different hallway, sacred chamber or alcove of the Soul, safe from doing further harm? Whatever disturbing thing may emerge now—whether more desirable or absolutely revolting—know that it will ultimately make a better future possible.


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