I am honored to have been a guest on Sabrina Monarch of Monarch Astrology‘s wonderful podcast, The Magic of the Spheres.

Sabrina and I talk about one of my favorite topics: the underworld and Soul! And how they relate to an innate urge to move towards psychological wholeness and spiritual understanding. We touch on different concepts of the underworld and cooperating with (or submitting to) it, and the dangers of its allurement. Some of us have an inner Jerry Springer figure who may seem to be all righteous…but really? Are we sure of our motivations for airing the dirty linens? (Tipping our hats at heavy Pluto or Scorpio emphasis in a birth chart.)

We also speak about the idea of a Sacred Wound–a core piece of our identity and gift to the world, which never fully heals and yet can represent a potent and powerful ally when it’s time to weave it into a larger story of Life.

Astrology features throughout our discussion, and Sabrina and I muse about how different planetary archetypes and their transits to our natal planets can be experienced differently once we have reached a certain level of wholeness and connection to Soul. Our conversation is broken into two parts:

Healing, Wholing, and the Underworld with Erica Jones Part 1

Healing, Wholing, and the Underworld with Erica Jones Part 2