Civilis Forced to Dismount and Swim Across the River (Antonio Tempesta); inset with Death with Old Woman (Wenceslaus Hollar)

Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius: Getting some distance

We’re anticipating the Aquarius New Moon as messenger Mercury makes their superior conjunction to the Sun, marking their farthest distance from the Earth—and appropriately enough in the otherworldly sign of Aquarius (exact Jan. 29). Later this week, Mercury will then appear as an evening star right after sunset, as they follow the Sun down into the underworld each night. We may receive some benefits of being able to take a more objective stance and to distance ourselves from relational entanglements to get better perspective, whether that’s in our business, intimate or family dealings.

Mars square Pluto: Do not bypass emotions to collect $100

Beware of bypassing difficult emotions, though, as energetic Mars makes his square to not-messing-about Pluto (exact Feb. 1) and adds quite a bit of energy to our desire to have some control, to be in the driver’s seat, or to reach a particular goal. It will be more helpful to know WHY we are angry or frustrated rather than pretending it doesn’t matter that we’re angry or frustrated. This is definitely a week for touching into our ambitions and examine whether these are connected to our long-term goals or if we’re getting caught up in distractions. Action-oriented Mars has just been squaring slow-it-down Saturn for much of the past month, accentuating the reality that this year, the quicker inner planets will be aspecting those two heavy hitters—Saturn and Pluto—one right after the other.

Triggering Transits: Who’s knocking at our door?

When faster moving inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus) form aspects to outer planetary alignments, such as Saturn-Pluto, they can function to trigger events within the longer narrative of that combination. Depending on the role of Mars in your personal natal chart, and how Saturn-Pluto is transiting your natal chart, these triggering transits can shed light on or mark beginnings and endings related to this dominating force of 2018–2021. Current correlations to Mars’ activity with Saturn-Pluto seem particularly important given the 2020 Mars retrograde in Aries which will be squaring Saturn-Pluto for the second half of 2020. Take heed of what’s happening in your life now with regard to your goal orientation, what you desire to serve, what you are drawn to protect and your sense of boundaries. This will provide a preview of some of 2020’s (significant) demands. Again, your personal natal placements will tell you much more about this dynamic and how it may unfold.

Saturn sextile Neptune: Stabilizers on hand

Reality Checker Saturn makes a helpful sextile to Dream Maker Neptune (exact Jan. 31), the first of three sextiles happening between now and Nov. 2019. This is such a welcome grounding influence to complement the potentially inflating Jupiter square Neptune of this same time period. On the one hand, we need a bit of grandiosity to transcend old stories that limit our living, and limit the possibilities of right relationship in our societies—on the other hand, we need to remain in contact with our deep relatedness to all things, so that the new story emerges from the old instead of pretending the past no longer matters. The “real” of Saturn more harmoniously blends with the “ideal” of Neptune under these skies (as mentioned elsewhere), along with the stress, strife and upheaval we must also contend with. The potential here, though, is of bringing some stabilizing influence to our dreams—whether those are hopeful responses to crises, or the stuff of helpless nightmares.

2019 Aquarius New Moon horoscope
2019 Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius New Moon: Leaving the comfort zone

Also this week, sexy Venus enters the sign of somewhat reserved and cool Capricorn (Feb. 3) and she’s just in time to make an exact, challenging semisquare aspect to the Aquarius New Moon of Feb. 4 at 1:03pm US/Pacific. This will represent a bit of a change in the festive mood of Venus in Sagittarius (Jan. 7 – Feb. 3) to a more somber, cautious and loyalty-oriented approach to making connections, friendships and exchanging energy. Her aspect to the Aquarius New Moon encourages considerations of any contradictions between wanting so much to be liked or to belong to a group, and our sense of identity. Are we stretching ourselves out of our authentic shape in order to “fit in?” Discomfort with such stretching could emerge as the Moon takes up her waxing phase over the next two weeks. The approaching Mars square Pluto may push us to take on any inner or outer bullies and also step out of our comfort zone around “being liked” versus “being ourselves.”

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