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Moving Ahead: Astrology of Dec. 25 – Dec. 31, 2018

The Sun sets on the final week of the Gregorian calendar year by cruising through early Capricorn, advancing one degree per day towards stern Saturn, mysterious Pluto and the eclipsing South Node, who are now all in Capricorn. The Sun in Capricorn (Dec. 21 – Jan. 20) provides a fine energy for plotting the new year ahead, identifying important goals, being realistic about obstacles (so you can find a way through them!) and reflecting on how to offer the gift of your being to this world. Socialite Venus makes a sextile to obsessive Pluto (exact. Dec. 28), adding some extra energy to whatever Venus’ recently completed retrograde brought up in your intimate, social and collegial spheres. Venus is still in Scorpio, which has us probing loyalties and questioning trust. Without a little distance and perspective, we could be reading “the worst case scenario” into events or relationships that really just need more time or more information to reveal the truth of themselves. With combative Mars conjoining sensitive Chiron (exact Dec. 28), taking steps towards resolving …

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Healing Our Relationship to Belief: Astrology of December 4 – December 10, 2018

We welcome in the first full week of December with the Sagittarius New Moon on Dec. 6 at 11:20pm US/Pacific, highlighting our ambitions to adventure, explore, learn and believe in something greater than ourselves. Sagittarius is considered the home sign of the royal planet Jupiter, whose significations are getting a signal boost since Jupiter entered Sagg about a month ago. As harsh as many realities are, Jupiter in Sagg can encourage us to seek out grounds for optimism or to (re-)establish our relationship with hope, meaning and our purpose in this lifetime. The quest for meaning is a primary quality of the sign of Sagittarius and those who have strong Sagg emphases will often find meaning in even the most challenging of circumstances, when all others would despair. Our relationship to the planet Jupiter reflects our sense of optimism, faith and hope for the future, as Jupiter correlates to good fortune and favor, the ability to grow, opportunities, and philosophy as “a love (philos) of wisdom (sophia).” This week’s New Moon in Sagg features storyteller …

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The Quest for Accountability: Astrology of November 27 – December 3, 2018

We begin the week with Mercury’s retrograde backing over the Sun and Jupiter (exact Nov. 27 US/Pacific) in Sagittarius, signaling the halfway point of Mercury’s current retrograde period. Right around this time, we may receive information relevant to the substance of this retrograde, especially that material it would be helpful to review, rework, reconsider or revisit. This information may very well pertain to works you will write and perhaps publish, new philosophical insights, material you find worthy of teaching to others, and what of yourself will come to be shared with others as Jupiter makes his way into the interior of Sagittarius (through Dec. 2019). There could be a little bit of impatience or difficulty concentrating or focusing on what we should be investigating but we could try to incorporate our wanderings into our days. Jot down your stray thoughts in the moment and short reminders to later attend to the distractions that would threaten your focus. You may also find your sleep and your daytime concentration improved if, before going to bed, you take …