We begin this week with retrograde Mercury backing up into the Mars-Saturn conjunction that largely dominates the skies, making a stressful square aspect (exact on Apr. 3). This could portend some “interesting” conversations in which old grievances are aired, disputes are settled (at least in one person’s mind) or communication completely breaks down. The Moon will be cruising through Scorpio from Apr. 1 to Apr. 3, which suggests a rawness to feelings, and the need to grapple with issues of trust and emotional safety as well as negotiating a complicated relationship to intuition. It may be necessary to let go of a dearly treasured object—whether that is a belief, a way of thinking about things, a material item or even a person—as what seemed like a sure win turns into a losing proposition, due to unknown or hidden rules to the game just coming to light. The Moon’s entry into Sagittarius late in the evening of Apr. 3 (US/Pacific time) may lighten the mood somewhat and allow for new horizons to appear as you orient to changes and take stock of your situation.

Still, the Mars-Saturn conjunction active through the rest of this week can indicate increased levels of frustration, inhibited action, or loads and loads of work, stress or worry. Since these two are in Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn, strategically submitting to the amount of work which must be done can produce results. A lot could be accomplished, if you’re willing to make a few sacrifices along the way. The sincere pursuit of devotion or dedication to a task is indicated, and those who are not laser focused on what they personally desire and what they’re willing to be devoted to may find themselves being pushed around by others’ goals and desires. And even then, having your own goal (Mars) will not necessarily grant immunity from challenge or failure, should that goal run counter to the workings of necessity, time, destiny or karma (Saturn). Perhaps one of the more frustrating features of Mars-Saturn can be its demand for patience and tenacity precisely when it is in short supply.  (In case you missed it, here is a link to last week’s post A prayer for Mars-Saturn.)

The short version of Mars-Saturn: don’t forget to stop and breathe this week.

Because Venus is now in Taurus! Venus entered her home sign of Taurus on Mar. 30 and offers us an opportunity to turn our faces towards beauty, and to draw it up through our roots and into our bodies. Try beautifying your surroundings with flowers, art or sensually pleasing objects, things which will bring a little earthy Venus into your environment. Massage, spa or sauna and spending time in a favorite spot outdoors can also be of extra comfort. Offer yourself delicious, nourishing food (and yeah, your favorite sweets can go a long way, too.) Pamper and tend to your vagus nerve, which mediates the “fight, flight or freeze” response! All of these things could help soften the sharp edges of Mars-Saturn and, in the case of beautifying your surroundings, serve as a pneumonic (memory) device to help you remember to stop and just breathe every now and again. Trying to power through when you have truly run out of steam can just cause more frustration and delay as you have to go back over what you thought you finished and redo it (something fitting with Mercury retrograde). Lastly, taking some time to connect with the beauty of this world can also soften the blow of any hard or “interesting” conversations happening this week.

Venus will make a harmonious trine aspect to the Mars-Saturn conjunction this week, touching Saturn first (exact on Apr. 7). Tending to the vagus nerve and caring for your nervous system as much as possible, as well as stopping to just breathe and take in whatever can nourish your sense of wholeness will not be in service of denying the reality of what is going on. But Venus is offering the chance of a blessing, a bright side to what may be otherwise just frustrating or a slog. She is suggesting that a real reward will come at the end of well-discerned, strategic efforts. Just beware of fighting karma, destiny or fate, or trying to turn back time. The Uranus square Pluto alignment that is saturating this decade is insisting on a break with the past, and profound if at times disturbing or unexpected changes.

Turning our gaze towards the heavens: For you early birds and day sleepers, Apr. 7 features the Moon, Mars and Saturn in a conjunction in the pre-dawn sky. Look for the crescent Moon, waning towards its next conjunction with the Sun on Apr. 15, and find a medium-bright white star—Saturn—and a very bright orange star—Mars—hovering quite close.


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