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February 20, 2019 at 6pm US/Pacific ONLINE

Online Event!

Erica Jones is Guiding You Through the Real Imaginal, ? 2 ~ Live via Zoom videoconferencing

Restore and replenish under the Virgo Full Moon!

Erica will guide you through a 25-minute meditation that taps into the waning Virgo Moon fresh from her opposition to the Sun.

We will enter into the Knowing Field of consciousness to inquire about replenishment and restorative support to help us manifest what we need and desire—tapping into our radical relatedness with all things and connecting with cooperation and support for manifesting what we seek…and what is seeking us!

We’ll beckon Mars, who is now in Taurus and might invite us to slow down, scale down, drop into our local corner of the cosmos and realize…we don’t have to do everything ourselves. Would that kind of interdependence repel Virgo? Absolutely not, and we welcome her in into the Field with us. Manifestation cannot happen without clearing away confusion, conflicting impulses and getting to the heart of what it is we desire.

?Receive insight into what our bodies and their total beings need for restoration and replenishment~~and allow that experience to flow in and nourish us.?

?Discover what we need to do in order to receive cooperation, support and courage to manifest that which we desire.?

OPTIONAL: You are invited to remain for 10 minutes afterwards to share whatever you may like about your experience. (Recording will be OFF for that 10 mins.)
It can be helpful to share the experience out loud, to make it more real for ourselves—and there is oftentimes resonance with others, which deepens the experience for everyone in the Field.

I’ve been guiding group explorations of the imaginal realm for about five years . . . and now I am hosting them online as a gift to you!

AND as a bonus I am offering a FREE 15-minute MINI-READING to one person drawn at random from all live attendees!

Registration for the meditation and to be eligible for the FREE mini-reading: Click here to register

Stay tuned for MORE upcoming events in 2019!

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