You’re invited to ARCHETYPAL VISION 2020 & BEYOND, an in-depth discussion of 2020’s intensities and an exploration of what directions the planets are now pointing us in.   How will 2021 be different??

Our entry into this new decade has been full of unexpected surprises.

Through the lens of archetypal astrology, we can understand the dynamics beneath these surprises and where they are leading us.

Join a panel of talented archetypal astrologers for an in-depth exploration of this new decade.



Archetypal Vision 2020 & Beyond recording 

Dec. 8, 2020

Featured astrologers

Renn Butler (host)

Amber Balk

Erica Jones

James Moran

Kyle Nicholas

Becca Tarnas

Lisa Virginia



Community celebrating, fading into a starry background

Dreamwork community ::: First saturdays  (group full)

Angela and Erica welcome you to dream!

Presented in collaboration with Angela Billings of Sacred Door.  Angela’s expertise in “projective dream work” as taught by Jeremy Taylor will guide this group.

Through working our remembered Dreams, and by reflecting on the dreams of others, we are able to see through the eyes of our deepest Self.


Registration closed – Group is currently full


Dreamwork community ::: SECOND WEDNESDAYS  (GROUP FULL)

One of the advantages to a Dream Group is the sacred space that is woven as we work together with the same group with honor, integrity and loving kindness. Magic happens.

Remembering your dreams on a regular basis or great detail is not necessary to be in the group.  Small remembered snippets may be worked very effectively (sometimes to greater effect than long, detailed dreams!), and being in a group tends to expand dream memories. 

Registration closed – Group is currently full




Angela Billings photo

angela billings

I have been helping clients walk through the Sacred Door of their Highest Self for over 15 years.

Based upon a breadth of training and experience, I utilize Symbolic Sight, Astrology, Dreamwork, Sacred Conversation, and Intuition to identify the Archetypal Patterns and Energetic cycles in Your Life. 

Through this perspective,  I am able to  see the Truth of who You are and reflect this back to you in a unique and powerful way.  


Erica Jones Photo


I have explored the dream realm for 13 years in conversation with the night images which spring from the Soul of the World

I work in wonder if the Dream of the Earth and the many ways it reaches out to us, the many ways it helps us to grow, to heal, to feel connected

I am excited for this chance to be in community with dreamers and dreaming




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