Live Presentation of Great Expectations: Pluto in Aquarius (2023-2044)

live PRESENTATION ::: great expectations: pluto in aquarius (2023 – 2044)

sunday, febrUary 12, 2023  – 12pm us/pacific

Join astrologer Erica Jones for a 90-min. live presentation followed by 30 min. for Q&A on Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius and what we might expect on a collective or world event level, as well as from a more personal perspective.

Cost: $17 to register by Feb. 9, and $20 thereafter. A recording will be made available to registrants upon request.

Pluto will enter the tropical sign of Aquarius on March 23, 2023, the first time Pluto has been in this part of the zodiac in 245 years. In this presentation we’ll look at previous periods of time which have similar planetary alignments, with a view to identifying trends and developments within larger cycles of development (for example, the Saturn-Pluto, Uranus-Pluto and Neptune-Pluto archetypal complexes).  We’ll also examine previous periods of time when Pluto has been in Aquarius, in order to understand how we might orient to a significant shift in how the cosmos expresses the inevitability of breakdown and decay which is an intimate part of the regeneration of life.

Pluto also slows down due to its extreme elliptical orbit, spending 20 years in Aquarius as compared to 15 years in the previous sign of Capricorn. This means that transits from Pluto to our natal charts will get longer, and that Pluto will be wrapping up the 100-year-long sextile to Neptune that always follows the conjunction of Neptune and Pluto, which last happened in the 1890s. This carries significance for the evolution (Pluto) of human consciousness (Neptune) and the encounter with the unconscious expressed by the emergence of modern psychology initiated under the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of the 1890s. The movement between the sense of an individual self and the sense of belonging to something larger than oneself is deeply in play over the next 20 years, with the potential for both dystopian and revitalizing dynamics and outcomes.  

We will reflect on all these cultural currents and more in the context of current trends and developments, as well as in anticipation of future outer planetary alignments, and consider how we might prepare. Suitable for astrology enthusiasts and those seeking to better understand and cooperate with cosmic influences, as well as more advanced students of astrology.

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Dreamwork community ::: THIRD saturdays – DROP-IN

Angela and Erica welcome you to dream!


We will meet monthly at 9am Pacific via Zoom for 90 minutes each session. This is an open group with no commitment. Join when you are able, and you are welcome to invite others to join as well. Each month we will ask who has a dream to share – and randomly draw from those volunteers to work their dream. Typically one or two dreams can be worked in a single session.

Remembering your dreams on a regular basis or great detail is NOT necessary to be in the group.  Small remembered snippets may be worked very effectively (sometimes to greater effect than long, detailed dreams!), and being in a group tends to expand dream memories. 

Sharing a dream with others allows us to connect with it on a much deeper level. And during these times of far too many examples of division everywhere, it is comforting to unpack our dreams together and discover so many hidden jewels. Tending Dreams in community is one of the most reliable methods to find commonality. Through this commonality, we see ourselves reflected in others, we build relationships, and we help build better communities.

Angela and I truly appreciate being in community with each of you. The dreams that have been shared over the last year speak profoundly to the love, hope and wisdom in our circles – and we are humbled and honored to hold this space.

REGISTRATION for third Saturdays drop-in group – click here to register


Dreamwork community ::: First saturdays  (group full)

Presented in collaboration with Angela Billings of Sacred Door.  Angela’s expertise in “projective dream work” as taught by Jeremy Taylor will guide this group.

Through working our remembered Dreams, and by reflecting on the dreams of others, we are able to see through the eyes of our deepest Self.


Registration closed – Group is currently full

Registration closed – Group is currently full






Angela Billings photo

angela billings

I have been helping clients walk through the Sacred Door of their Highest Self for over 15 years.

Based upon a breadth of training and experience, I utilize Symbolic Sight, Astrology, Dreamwork, Sacred Conversation, and Intuition to identify the Archetypal Patterns and Energetic cycles in Your Life. 

Through this perspective,  I am able to  see the Truth of who You are and reflect this back to you in a unique and powerful way.  


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I have explored the dream realm for 13 years in conversation with the night images which spring from the Soul of the World

I work in wonder if the Dream of the Earth and the many ways it reaches out to us, the many ways it helps us to grow, to heal, to feel connected

I am excited for this chance to be in community with dreamers and dreaming




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