Knowing Yourself — Reflections of the Moon


A mystical journey of self-knowledge that goes beyond “studying about” astrology and engages with the livingness of the world, to reveal more of your belonging to this life


Astrology provides an understanding of the basic patterns of experience which inform our lives and offers different perspectives on inhabiting those patterns. Instead of approaching this wisdom tradition as a way of collecting useful facts or as a life hack, we will invite it onto our spiritual path to perform alchemical magic within us and transform our lead into gold.  Knowing Yourself uses astrology together with conversation with the natural world to  teach us more about how we currently show up for our own lives—and how we might deepen our belonging.

Our main focus is on identifying and cultivating our strengths and facets of wholeness—our inner resources—but we will also touch upon what is most present for healing.  Students will be instructed in accessing the heart’s perception and cognition to use in their explorations and incorporate into their lives, as a source of wisdom, guidance and means of communication with the other-than-human world.

Importantly, we will approach astrology not as an abstract thing to “study about,” but as an engagement with a livingness in the world, with the intelligence within all things, including the planetary bodies. We will use all of our ways of knowing—imagination, intuition, body-based and mental knowing—to listen and respond to what the planets are saying to each of us. There is a broader invitation to notice the livingness and intelligence of the Earth itself, attuning to seasons and the night sky. In this way, we can make the Earth a planet within astrology.

Knowing Yourself — Reflections of the Moon supports you in deepening your sense of an interdependent self, and attuning to your singular experience as a unique being in the web of life. Starting from an authentic center of our experience, we radiate out to connect with the Sacred Other in all its forms, experiencing the sources of intimacy and vulnerability, connection and security.

Whether you are new to the astrological perspective or well-versed in this wisdom tradition, this workshop supports any level of interest and experience. No prior astrological knowledge is required to benefit from this workshop.

In this four-night workshop you will:

  1. Gather and deepen knowledge of the Self using the perspective of astrology
  2. Initiate contact with your heart as an organ of perception, and practice knowing the world through its lens
  3. Discover which part(s) of you are currently at the center of your experience – and chart a map to place your Self at the center of your relational sphere


Space is limited.


Two opportunities are available in summer and in autumn (final dates to be confirmed in late January 2022)

June 16 – June 20, 2022 – REGISTER for summer HERE
October 6 – October 10, 2022 – REGISTER for fall HERE

Arrive on Thursday afternoon, depart on Monday morning.


Large private cabin in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state, near Leavenworth, Washington located roughly 100 miles (2.5 hour drive) from the nearest airport, Seattle-Tacoma International. (Exact location provided on registration.) Single rooms, with limited camping possible.


Final costs are still in negotiation. We anticipate a range of $125 to $160 per night, or $500 to $640 for four nights, inclusive of lodging and self-catered meals from Thursday dinner to Monday breakfast.

Other costs include:
Transportation to and from the retreat location, any snacks you may need. Depending on the state of the pandemic, you may also be asked to take a rapid, at-home Covid test before we gather.


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